Roy Grant: Local Historian

The sheer joy of the, My Brighton and Hove website is that it enables you to reminisce, compare notes and learn.  Contributions accompanied by personal and often formerly unseen photos have not only come in from local residents, but also from every corner of the world.  As a local history enthusiast, Brighton born and bred but now living abroad, I have made a number of contributions. So, when set the daunting task of selecting only eight favourites from the many thousands of pages, I chose some that I personally had a hand in, because they reflected my interests and events in former youth.  I trust I will be forgiven for that.

Page link: Local History Resources
Local History Resources
The James Gray Collection
Page link: Slums
How they were
Page link: Astoria Cinema
Astoria Cinema
Childrens' film shows in the 1950s
Page link: St James Passage, Hanover Street
St James Passage, Hanover Street
The Hollow - is it a twitten or a cat creep?
Page link: Fishing and fishermen
Fishing and fishermen
The fish market
Page link: Regent Dance Hall (no longer exists)
Regent Dance Hall (no longer exists)
The "dance craze": 1920s-1970s
Page link: The Cottage Coffee Bar
The Cottage Coffee Bar
Memories of the 60s and 70s
Page link: Local Folk
Local Folk
Allen West Test team 1942