Travel round the city with us! Our tours take you on a route round the city.  Some tours are based on a particular theme; others are chosen by a particular individual.

Category link: Personal Tours
Personal Tours
A selection of your favourite pages
Category link: Where they lived
Where they lived
A tour around the houses of some of the famous and interesting people who have lived in the city
Category link: Aerial view tour
Aerial view tour
A bird's eye view of the city
Category link: Best of Brighton and Hove
Best of Brighton and Hove
As chosen by local people
Category link: Brighton in 1967
Brighton in 1967
A photographic tour
Category link: History trail
History trail
A virtual walk from the station to the Museum
Category link: Lesser heard voices tours
Lesser heard voices tours
A 2003 project seeking out some of the city's 'lesser-heard voices'
Category link: Neighbourhood tours
Neighbourhood tours
Tours round Clifton and Patcham.
Category link: Personal tours
Personal tours
Local people create their own personal tours of Brighton
Category link: Three Centuries tour
Three Centuries tour
A 'then and now' photo tour
Category link: Underwater Tour
Underwater Tour
Sean Clark photographs under the waves at Brighton
Category link: Worst of Brighton and Hove
Worst of Brighton and Hove
As chosen by local people