Len Liechti:Contributor

My thanks to Jennifer, the Website Editor, for inviting me to contribute my Personal Tour Of Brighton. A resident from 1949 to 1968, I’ve been an exile in Bath ever since but still love the old home town. Inevitably this tour has a nostalgic flavour and some twinges of sadness and loss, but it’s been a real pleasure compiling it.

Page link: West Pier
West Pier
The Murmuration
Page link: Hurricane, 1987
Hurricane, 1987
A catalogue of damage
Page link: Lewes Road Viaduct
Lewes Road Viaduct
Process of demolition in 1976
Page link: Goldstone Ground
Goldstone Ground
1950s Development
Page link: Trolleybuses
A potted history
Page link: The Level
The Level
Bat and Trap: an ancient game
Page link: Pavilion Gardens Cafe
Pavilion Gardens Cafe
A family business serving the local community
Page link: Round Hill
Round Hill
Lennox Road:The Cats' Creep