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I remember Mrs Parsons being the Matron of Rosaz House. She was a lovely lady. I was there a short time when I believe she retired. Doreen Radford was the last Matron at Rosaz House in the 70s and 80s.

By Fiona Coleman (nee McKechnie) (19/07/2008)

Thank you for the update on Rosaz House regarding Chevalier Francois de Rosaz. I lived at Rosaz House from 1972 until 1981. I would love to have the opportunity one day to go through Rosaz House, the place I called home for a few years. I still remember the layout inside from when I lived there and I wonder how much it has changed.

By Fiona Coleman (nee McKechnie) (20/07/2008)

My twin and I (as well as a younger sister and brother) lived in Kemp Town in Brighton from 1935 to 1948 (all through the war years) and I have many rich memories of happy and sad times spent there. Our first home was in Sudely Place and close to the 'Brighton & Hove Girls Orphanage' in Bristol Gate. Most mornings we met the girls on Eastern Road on the way to Park Street Schools (Infant and Seniors). We attended the same church and Sunday school of St. George's and The Girl's Guildry; and several of the girls became our special friends. I remember Matron, Miss Southon when the Orphange was on Eastern Road, but when it was moved to Bristol Gate Miss Parsons became Matron and the strict regime changed. Miss Parsons was indeed a beautiful and gracious lady and I adored her. She was 'Mummy' to all the girls. This site has triggered so many happy memories of times spent with 'the girls'. Soon after 1948 we moved to Hove and from there we three sisters married and one by one moved to Canada. We have returned many times on holiday and never miss a visit to Kemp Town, and the schools, church, and homes we lived in.

By Pamela Brown (nee Yates) (22/07/2008)

My sister Shirley and I spent time at Bristol Gate. I remember Miss Parsons she was very kind, the other lady my sister was very fond of was called Nanny (I was terrified of her). I went from there to hospital as I developed TB, but Shirley stayed longer than me, before we went home to our own family.

By Rita Keeley (nee Wetherill) (10/02/2009)

Does any one have any information on the orphanage for the 1860s-70s? My great grandma was there in that period but I cannot find out if any records were kept. Can any one help? Many thanks in advance

By Val Ferguson (27/03/2009)

Does anyone know anything about the 'Star in the East' public house which used to stand at 32 Eastern Road? I know it was pretty awful, so deserved demolition. But a relative of mine seemed to have lived there from about 1876 till 1903 when he died. His name was James Burt Foord and I'm trying to track down his history, especially prior to his moving there - I know he was at the 'Dorset Arms Inn' in 1859 at 61 John Street, but that is all. Anybody able to help? Old photos would be great too, if they exist.

By Elaine Saunders (12/04/2009)

I lived at Rosaz house from the age of 8 in 1951 to 1955. Miss Parsons was Matron and Miss Winder was Nanny. I remember your sister Shirley Wetherill, Rita, but not you. Maybe you had left by the time I arrived. I particularly remember the Christmas celebrations we had. I can't say I was particularly happy there as I missed my home but I made some good friends.

By Valerie Allen [nee Christmas] (19/04/2009)

Does anyone know of any history or have photos of number 25 Eastern Road (next to Danny Sheldon's house). My great, great grandfather lived there as a boy in 1851 and I would like find out a bit more about the area.

By Russ Smith (11/06/2009)

I believe there are plans to demolish both Rosaz House and Cottage under the new Hospital redevelopment. Perhaps somebody needs to start up a campaign to save these to buildings. Presently Rosaz House is used by the training department using the large rooms on the upper floors and attic room and Drs temp accommodation on the lower floor. There are still many original features and walking around you can imagine people entering the front door into the large hallway and visualise how the original layout would have been. Likewise the Lattilla building on Eastern Road is soon to be demolished.

By Rob T (03/02/2011)

I don't know if anyone has seen this appeal? Hospital appeals for help in identifying gate piers Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals is appealing for help in identifying the pair of gate piers that currently stand at the corner of Brighton’s Bristol Gate and Eastern Road. The planned 3Ts redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital campus includes restoring the piers and moving them to a place of prominence on the redeveloped site so that the road junction can be widened. Duane Passman, Director of 3Ts, Estates & Facilities, said: “We believe the gate piers were moved to their current location in the mid to late 1920s. They were Grade II listed in the 1970s but English Heritage doesn’t have any other information. What we don’t know is where they were moved from, by whom or why. If any local historians or heritage societies have the answers to these questions, that would help enormously with the restoration.” Readers with information about the Bristol Gate piers are invited to contact the hospital on (01273) 523375 or by email:

By Rob Tyler (03/02/2011)

I lived at Rosaz House during the 40s. I remember Shirley W and also Valerie. I remember the performances we used to do, singing etc. My sister Pat was with me and I can't say it was the happiest time of our lives! Years later in the 60s I went back for a reunion with my children who loved it!

By Joan Price (nee Felstead) (10/07/2011)

I can also confirm that Doreen Radford was our matron. I moved there in 1973, there was another lady as matron for short period then Doreen took over, I can not recall her name. We all used to perform plays, as I recall we used to pretend we were the staff to and act the girls out. Christmas was fantastic, a huge, father Christmas would wake us up at midnight in the blue room and give us our stockings, we had the blue room two pink rooms and a rainbow room. Bath nights were Fridays, after which we would watch 'it's a knock out'.  I often think I would love to walk round Rosaz House again. The cloakroom was cold and dark, the cellar was the worse, we also had a gardener, very scary he seemed then, Memories, memories, memories. I hated leaving there; Doreen was our mum, the best ever, R.I.P Doreen and thank you.

By Lisa (18/09/2011)

I lived at 59 Eastern Road in 1957-8, right next to the pub. I can't remember which of the two pubs as there was one on each corner of Freshfield Road. One was the Seven Stars and one was the Star in the East. We lived there a year as emergency accommodation, then got  moved to Hollinbury. There is, somewhere on the internet, a photograph taken from west of the All Saints church looking towards the pubs. If you can't find it, I may be able to find whereabouts it is. Incidentally our upstairs neighbour was a relative of the Volks railway people.

By Paul Winch (27/11/2012)

I'm also doing research on James Burt Foord and the pub. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

By Mandy Nicklin (nee Foord) (21/01/2014)

James B Foord was Landlord of the Star in the East 63 Eastern Road.

By Eggy (09/02/2014)