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I thought you might like to know that 28 Sussex Square was owned and occupied by Henry Kendall, Consul for Peru and London banker. I do not know when he began to live there but it was given as his address when he wrote his will in 1870. He lived an adventurous life, travelling to and through South America as wool factor and part of the family business located at Basinghall Street in London. We have his notebook describing his travels through France and Spain on his way to Peru in 1823.
(I must make it clear that our Henry Kendall appears to have no connection Henry Edward Kendall, just in case there was a query.)
Does anyone happen to have a picture of Number 28 and if so, may I use it on my pages of family history, acknowledging the photographer?  Thank you and best wishes.

By Shirley Kendall (in Australia) (21/07/2008)

After my father died, my mother decided to go back to England in 1961. We lived in the lovely ground floor flat of 28, Sussex Square. I shall try and find you a photograph . All the best Elisabeth Masoin

By Elisabeth Masoin (06/08/2009)

30 Sussex Square was a Ladies' School in 1878 Post Office Directory and 1882 Kelly's Directory. The principal was Miss Charlotte Lindsay Duncan, born about 1830 in Guernsey, Channel Islands. In the April 1881 UK census, she had 14 girl boarders and 3 governesses. Beatrice Wallis, age 17, was a domestic servant / housemaid in the school. Beatrice married Silas Holford at St Peter's Church in July 1882. I believe they met when he delivered milk to the school from his family farm. They lived at New House Farm (now East Brighton Park caravan site) and raised 13 children, the youngest, Norman, was my grandfather.

By Gwen O'Sullivan (20/06/2013)

I have resided at 34 Bristol Gardens for the last 18 years. This house was built in 1824 and is part of the original Sussex Square freehold abutting No.31 Sussex Square to the rear. It is my understanding that this was a servants' house for Sussex Square. It appears that there may have been direct access between 31 Sussex Square and my house. My house would have looked north onto the open downland behind the newly built Sussex Square. And the extensive underground cellars under my house I would suggest may have taken deliveries (coal?) on behalf of the Sussex Square residences. While dividing watchmen like security on the open rear countryside. I'm honoured to be living in one of Kemp Town's few remaining whole original Georgian houses.

By Jane Ling (20/07/2015)