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102 St James's Street

By Jennifer Drury: research Andy Grant

These photographs show the premises of 102 St. James’s Street. The building is Grade II Listed and dates from sometime around 1810.

The building was originally numbered 85, changing to 102 around 1823. Although the shop had been used for many purposes over the years, it became a fishmongers around 1923, when James Blackman set up there.

From 1936 Frederick Gunn fishmonger, took over the shop and remained there for 45 years. When he left the premises remained a fish and chip shop, most recently being called “The Daily Catch”.

Do you remember Fred Gunn's fish shop? When did you use it? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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Photo:102 St James's Street c1948

102 St James's Street c1948

Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Photo:102 St James's Street 2014

102 St James's Street 2014

┬ęTony Mould: all images copyright protected

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I do remember Gunns the fresh fish shop, my father insisted that any fish brought into our house had to come from this establishment, no other fishmonger he stated sold fresher fish. Certainly the queues which seemed to be never ending would agree with this statement. Sometimes my mother enjoyed causing father annoyance and would buy the fish meal at Macfisheries. Father would sniff at the fish and demand to know it's origin, assured it came from Gunns he would try some. Invariably plate, fish and cutlery would hit the wall and what an almighty row there was in our house. Gunns were always sold out by midday on a Saturday and early afternoons daily.

By joan cumbers (31/08/2014)

In 1941 I started school at the same school his son had attended on his recommendation, it was Montpelier College in Montpelier Crescent.

By Ken Ross (31/08/2014)

Does anyone know the father of this Fred Gunn or roughly when he would have been born? Could he be the Frederick Gunn aged 6 in c1891 with a mother Ann Blackman, but her husband, Charles Edward Gunn died in 1881 and she did not remarry James Blackman until 1887. Please contact me on if you know. Thanks

By Chris Grant (02/09/2014)

Hi Chris,

So far as I can ascertain, he was born around 1900/1901 and his parents were Frederick Gunn, fishmonger (1867-1941) and Harriett (nee Rofe, 1868-1956).

By Andy Grant (04/09/2014)

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