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How to upload text and photographs

By Jennifer Drury

Questions for you

Do you enjoy visiting the My Brighton and Hove website and reading other people’s memories?
Do you like to read about places you remember from the past?
Do you smile when you see old school photos and wonder where they all are now?
Do you like to read about events happening in the city?
Do you like to look at the photographs posted by others on any of our 11,500 pages?

If, as I suspect, you will have answered ‘yes’ to most of those questions, then I have another one for you. Why don’t you become part of this award winning site by making a contribution of your own?
Roll down the page to see a video on uploading material to the site.

Help available

My Brighton and Hove needs your contributions to continue to grow, presenting a view of the city that will be read for generations to come: we are archived on The British Library website.  Adding your material is very easy and you can either watch the video here, or download a hard-copy tutorial that talks you through, together with screen shots. And if you are seriously computer challenged, then you can send your material through email to me and I will process it for you.

What you can write about

What can you write about? Just about anything you want. Memories, your family, your schooldays, your work days, what you do for recreation, where you live, the list is endless. You don’t have to tell us about the past. Why not tell us why you love living where you do – or even – why you hate living where you do.

Any questions?

Any questions – well you know where I am – and you know I am always ready to help. And your writing doesn’t need to be award winning stuff. Just jot things down and I can sort them out – well that’s part of the Editor’s job!

Contact me at:   

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Downloadable tutorial
Downloadable tutorial (2352k)
Tutorial on uploading material to the website

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