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Thank you for your very interesting and detailed article, Peter.  I appreciate the information you've shared and wish you well in your future research.

Our elms have played a major part in making many of our local parks so special.  Up to now I hadn't been aware of the many elm species to be found and their subtle differences ; what rarities you've brought to our attention !  Knowledge of this has increased my respect and interest.  I hope to visit Hove Rec. in the near future.

Several grand elms have sadly been lost along the Preston Road of late.  I haven't found out whether the advanced age of the trees has played as much a part of their demise as the dreaded Dutch elm disease itself : perhaps you could answer this ?  Had a second row been planted years ago - in preparation for this eventuality - then the gaps wouldn't quite be so pronounced as they unfortunately are.

By Sam Flowers (23/12/2016)