Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

Is this St Luke's School?

By Jennifer Drury

Photo:Mystery photo: click on image to open a large version in a new window

Mystery photo: click on image to open a large version in a new window

From the private collection of Peter Guy

This photograph was sent in by Peter Guy and is one of a collection he has of his late wife Brenda nee Grossberg (1944-1995)

Brenda is 3rd. from the right in row 3.

Peter thinks it is St Luke's primary school as Brenda lived in Freshfield Road at the time.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? If you can help, please leave a message below.

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Hi again, Peter! Looks very much like the exterior of St Luke's School. The herringbone pattern of the bricks above the windows is a giveaway.

By Janet Beal (04/02/2016)

Thank you once again Janet, that's great. There will be three more pictures to come.

By Peter Guy (05/02/2016)

Yes, that's definitely St Luke's.  My wife, Jeannette (nee Clout), is sitting far right as you look at photo in a white dress.  Holding the board is Susan Tester who lived opposite her in Hartington Road.  Behind Susan, with glasses is Pat Gane.  Back right with glasses is David Gillam and two along from him is Brian Hardy. Far left standing is Brenda Freeland and three along from her is Pam Griffiths. That's all the names she can recall but she does remember Peter's wife.

By Den King (08/02/2016)

Interesting the ratio of girls to boys in "A". Never an A, always a B. What year is this? I was there from about '64 to '68, and St Luke's infants before that.

By Barry (28/02/2016)

Really excited to see this picture. I am remembering all my classmates names, I was Gloria Raynsford, second row down, 5th from right sitting next to Lesley Bignell.

By Gloria Blundell (18/07/2016)

My grandad, Colin Trott, went to this school. He was born in 1934 - what age are the children here? Also please email me if you know him as he would love to hear from anyone!

By Colin Trott (24/10/2016)