Mystery Photos of Brighton & Hove

1939 Education Week

By Peter Groves

Mystery School

Last year I posted a mystery photo taken from the booklet Education Week 1939, it can be seen here. 

It did not take long for the mystery to be solved, however I think this new mystery photo is going to be more difficult. 

I have no idea where it is, perhaps the houses in the background may be of help?  Does anyone know which school and where it is?

Photo:Infants at play, somewhere in Brighton?

Infants at play, somewhere in Brighton?

From the Education Week booklet in the private collection of Peter Groves

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Peter, I think it may be Queen's Park School. There is a class photo elsewhere on this site which looks very similar. I think that is Freshfield Place in the background.

By Janet Beal (02/06/2016)

It looks like Queen's Park Infants School to me Peter. I remember standing in that rain shelter or one very much like it in the early 1960s.

By Michael Brittain (02/06/2016)

Could this be the school at Belle Vue Gardens?  I can't remember the name but I think it's a prep school now.

By Bob from Brighton (02/06/2016)

The Freshfield Place houses are still there, Janet, along with No 35 Freshfield Road, the back of which can be seen in the top right hand corner of the old photo.

By Alan Hobden (03/06/2016)

Definitely Queens Park Infants School. I'm 58 now but I still remember this playground as though it were last week.

By Phil Lambert (03/06/2016)

Wow - that one was easy as well, there's more to come, watch this space!

By Peter Groves (04/06/2016)

Look forward to it, Peter! Mind you, I'm not sure how far I'd get without Google maps!

By Janet Beal (05/06/2016)

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