Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

Where are these shops?

By Jennifer Drury

Have been trawling through the museum's collection of local history photographs again.

I found this untitled image and wondered where it was.

Do you know? Please post a comment below

Photo:Mystery photograph - click on image to open a large version in a new window.

Mystery photograph - click on image to open a large version in a new window.

Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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Reliance Motor Works were at 58 Lewes Road, around where the Co-op is now (between Caledonian and Edinburgh Roads). I'm assuming this stretch of shops was demolished in the 60s or 70s. Does anyone else know?   

By Janet Beal (03/08/2017)

That has to be Lewes Road - a branch of the Deveson family lived next door to us in Hartington Road and I can just about recall the shop being in Lewes Road, roughly opposite the Lewes Road Inn.  The business closed about 1967 and the site became a filling station.

By Geoff Robbins (03/08/2017)

This is Lewes Road west side, just below Edinburgh Rd. Flinns and Tingleys (above) were there in 1969 from the Kellys at #57. This is earlier than 1969 as the directory shows the Reliance Motor Works as #58/62. S.F. Deveson is not listed at that date.

By Geoffrey Mead (03/08/2017)

A loud voice in my head is saying this is Station Road, Portslade.

By Rodger Olive (03/08/2017)

This is the Lewes Road. I used to shop at Deveson's when I worked at Carter's newsagents.

By Sylvia Adams (05/08/2017)

My 1939 Kelly's shows Sydney Frederick Deveson as a Greengrocer at 59/60 Lewes Road next to the Reliance Motor Works and it is probably the same S F Deveson living in Bonchurch Road the same year.  Given Geoff Mead's details of the Reliance works being at 68 - 62, I would speculate that the garage bought 59 and 60 in order to turn the whole site into the filling station that I recall (Esso possibly?).

By Geoff Robbins (05/08/2017)

This is definitely Lewes Road. I used to go to Elm Grove girls school and I used to cross over Lewes Road at this point to go to Princes Crescent where I lived. 

By Christine Barry (07/08/2017)

Must be Lewes Rd! I started my first job there, lasted a month, my Mum got me the job she was a cleaner there, she was not happy when I packed it in. I was paid £1 a week. I'm told they were the good old days?

By Arthur Harris (08/08/2017)

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