Preston Park

Hide and seek and wasp stings

By Pam Barnes

Photo:Former bowling greens

Former bowling greens

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Father played cricket

I have some wonderful memories of my times in Preston Park.  My father used to play cricket for  'Findlaters' and we used to go to watch him. My cousins and I used to go and play around the Clock Tower; we played all kinds of ball games. We also played games like 'Hide and Seek' in the bushes; not sure that would be a good idea nowadays. Once, we disturbed a wasps' nest and got stung by all the angry wasps. That was so painful and I will never forget it. I used to love playing around the rose garden with the stepping stones; jumping across them and making sure I did not trip into the water.

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The bowling greens

Of course there was the  Rotunda Cafe, and the bowling greens, where my Grandad could be found many afternoons watching the bowls in the Summer. We also used to go into the Preston Manor garden, with all the little animal graves, then over the road- the Rookery. On Wednesday evening cycle race meetings, we would watch my  my cousin Roy Martin taking part, racing with his team. Last but not least, the first Sunday each November standing at the bottom of the park, watching all the old crocks arriving from London-Brighton.

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