Brian's 2010 tour of Brighton and Hove

The Chattri

By Brian Dungate

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Photo:The Chattri

The Chattri

Photo by Brian Dungate

Isolated memorial

It is startling that, even today, this memorial is still fairly isolated; although it is visible from various points far away in the city. My first visit, with my father, was at a time when there was no A27 bypass, and when even Patcham still had the feel of a village.

Honouring war dead

My father was keen that all those who fought and died for the country in the war should be honoured. It was he who told me about the part played by the Sikhs and Hindus who had died in Brighton from their wounds, and who had been cremated at this lonely but beautiful site.

Access via Patcham

Today it is reached from the north side of the A27 bypass at the Patcham exit. Once one has turned north, away from the bypass, there is a junction, where you turn right and park wherever you deem it's safe to do so. You then need to go on foot, following the signs.

The Chattri

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