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Newly launched Message Board

By Jennifer Drury

When My Brighton and Hove opened this present site, which was developed by Ian Grant and Jack Latimer of Community Sites, we did not have the time or finances to include a custom built Message Board. The solution we came up with was to leave the previous board in its original location, and link it in to the new My Brighton and Hove. But we always intended, finances allowing, to develop a new board.

A terrific resource

Over the years the Message Board has been a terrific resource for thousands of people. Our resident Local Historians and other very knowledgeable regular contributors have provided Message Board enquirers with support and information on a myriad of subjects. It was certainly very sadly missed when we recently had to suspend the board while the new facility was put in place.

The new Message Board

So it is with very great pleasure that we announce that our newly developed Message Board is now open and ready for business. We hope that you will enjoy using it and that it will continue to be a wonderful and dynamic resource for local, community and family history.

This page was added on 18/08/2010.