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Terrific page and I just love the photos. Always thought schools in these days were all about reading and writing - surprised to see them doing physical exercise - more than today's kids maybe? Are these really from magic lantern slides? Would love to see more of them - what places or subjects does the museum have more slides about?

By Susan Lloyd (23/12/2010)

Thanks for the excellent page. I also was very surprised to see the amount of emphasis on subjects other than the three Rs. The images are extraordinarily good for the time. I hope there are going to be more contributions of this type from Kevin. I wonder what other little gems the Museum have in their archives?

By Tony Mould (24/12/2010)

Glad you've enjoyed the page, Sue. We have only just started cataloguing and digitising the magic lantern slides, so we are only beginning to get to grips with this collection. They cover a wide range of subjects, from local views to exotic sites from throughout the world. As we digitise the slides, they will gradually be uploaded to our web pages. If you click on the link above and search for 'magic lantern slide' it will bring up a small number of other slides showing the Royal Pavilion during its use as a First World War Indian military hospital. There will be more to come in the New Year!

By Kevin Bacon (24/12/2010)

Great page looking forward to seeing more photos of that era.

By Bonny Cother (06/01/2011)

Where's my old school Elm Grove, Park Street? Both great schools - had a great time there - left at 15.

By Louis Simkiss (13/01/2011)