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Wow Peter, those first two photos bring back memories of my time as an apprentice at Coombe Road. Tom Muggerage specialised in turning, he taught the apprentices how to turn to high tolerances and screw cut threads on a lathe using a single point tool; he also taught us how to set up capstan lathes for high volume production of parts. Gil Percy specialised in milling, he taught us how to mill different materials accurately, also taught us complicated milling techniques like spiral milling and cam milling. All other aspects of engineering were taught by both instructors, fitting, grinding, drilling and tool sharpening. I remember Geoff Paine who was training officer for Kearney and Trecker at the time, he must of been the administrator for the company apprentices and the ITB. I was apprentice at the time of the move from Coombe Road to Hollingbury, but have happy memories of No 3 factory. With the factory's location near shops including George and Ann's fish and chip shop, the newsagents and a pub, there were plenty of things around, unlike Hollingbury industrial estate at the back of Brighton. I must say that there was a superb canteen located in the basement of No 3 factory that served hot lunches as well as the usual factory tea and rolls. I feel fortunate to have had engineering knowledge instilled by not only by Gil and Tom but the highly skilled and knowledgeable employees at Kearney and Trecker, that background has served me well in my working life.

By Michael Brittain (23/12/2012)

Does Diamond Buildings include the similar block on the opposite side of Coombe Road, probably best remembered as Dentsply? This was known as Diamond Buildings having been a diamond works & a laundry before making dentures? I spent a couple of years there and enjoyed it greatly but, like most industry in Brighton, it sadly wasn't to last.

By Ken Valder (24/12/2012)

Does anyone have any information about the Grout family who owned the Bakers in Coombe Road from the 1900s as I believe my grandmother Charlotte Grout may be related to them?

By Jan (18/04/2013)

Hi Jan, I used to live in the Coombe Road area and used Grout's the Bakers at the corner of Riley Road. I have a link for you on the QueenSpark books website that will lead you to a book that George Grout wrote about his life
The book is called 'The Smiling Bakers' and you can read extracts from it that may give you some good information. I hope this helps.

By Paul Clarkson (21/04/2013)

Thank you Paul, I will certainly check it out, it sounds promising, thanks again. Jan.

By Jan (22/04/2013)

Great photos! I always remember going along Lewes Road past the derelict factory in the early 1990s and thinking how foreboding and desolate it looked. There is a strange haunting beauty associated with abandoned, run-down structures. I remember either this, or the factory opposite which I think made false teeth and was also derelict at the time, had fading letters on the roof with some missing. Glad both have been scrubbed up and made useful again instead of demolished which is often the way.

By Luke (08/10/2014)

I was brought up at the top end of Ladysmith Road where it joins with Coombe Road, and went to Coombe Road School in the early 50s. Attended St Albans Church on the corner with Buller Road. Also remember the bakery on the opposite corner and Grouts Bakery and Post Office on the corner of Riley Road. KRDQ1

By Ken Norman (03/10/2015)

What about a page for Ladysmith Road and other roads in that area? I have a lot of memories to share!
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By Ken Norman (03/10/2015)