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Reg Harris! There's a name to conjour with from cycling's past. Bit of a playboy compared to the abstemious and modest Bradley Wiggins, I gather. I see Harris promoted Raleigh, which I used to ride, although my bike was just a humble (though sturdy) roadster. Amazing that you could make a living out of cycling even in the 50s, and I never even knew there was a track in the Brighton area!

By Stefan Bremner-Morris (04/01/2013)

I used to go up there in the 50s & 60s. I seem to remember it was right up the top, a fair walk. I only lived at Preston Circus so went to the park quite a lot when I was a kid.

By Anne Newman (04/01/2013)

Remember it well. I and pals used to play all sorts of silly games chasing each other along the terraces on the east side. Never saw any organised cycle races but locals often used to use the track unofficially for training. And of course during the summer the central oval was used as a cricket ground - I believe it still is.

By Len Liechti (13/01/2013)

My parents were both cyclists - my mum (Bunty Walker) was a talented track racer and my dad (Cliff) was a road racer. It was only natural that I'd end up, bombing round the cycle track. I remember them advising me that it was better to buy a second-hand "proper" racing bike than a new, flash one. My tatty old Claude Butler served me well. I never raced, but did go and watch the racing - probably around 1965-1968. Oh, the excitement of "Devil Take The Hindmost".

By Marc Turner (29/03/2013)

My father was George Woodham and he used to organise race meetings at the track and one of them was called the Sash Race on August Bank Holiday Monday. There was Van Vleet, Reg Harris and many others who used to compete. My sister Valerie and brother Ronald with my Mum (Gwen) and myself Pauline would always attend. My Dad was a member of Brighton Stanley Wanderers and I am sure had a close friend named Tom Howell. I have wonderful memories of those days.

By Pauline Woodham (24/04/2014)