Preston Park

Cycle Racing in the 1950s

By Terry Hyde

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Photo:Cycling racing at Preston Park

Cycling racing at Preston Park

From the private collection of Mick Deacon

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Terry, many thanks for up loading these photographs of the Cycle Track in its heyday. Do you have any exact dates for these?

By Chris Young (24/01/2014)

Sorry Chris, I do not know the exact dates of the pics - they are about 1951.  They belong to Mick Deacon who is on the roller machine and is in some of the other pics. He kindly gave me permission to post them. I can only guess that the pic showing the café bend was Whit Monday because of the flags on the café.  The big man on the left with sunglasses is Mick Morton who rode on the track. 

By Terry Hyde (28/01/2014)