All Saints Church, Hove

Photo of the church, ca 1910

Photo:All Saints Church, Hove, circa 1910

All Saints Church, Hove, circa 1910

Scanned from an original copy of '67 Views of Brighton, Hove and Neighbourhood' by kind permission of David Burgess

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Was this place a convent called St Anne's where childen lived with staff looking after us? The cook was called Agnes.

By Nina Alberici (10/08/2009)

I attended Sunday School at this church and my father was assistant organist for many years.  I remember with great affection my lovely Sunday School teacher, Christine Softly.  Thanks to her I have a strong Christian faith.  I remember Bishop Crotty and Father Donald Carpenter.  He was such a great youth leader and loved by us all.  I used to join my dad in the organ loft and turn the pages of the music for him.  I remember Dorothy Messenger who headed up the children's work and who later ran the drama group to which I belonged with one of my sisters.  Happy days!

By Margaret Holloway (29/01/2017)