Old London Road

Looking north, c.1960

Martin Nimmo

Photo:Old London Road, Patcham, looking north c1960

Old London Road, Patcham, looking north c1960

From the private collection of Martin Nimmo

25th January 2003
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As a child, I lived on this junction (of Ladies Mile Road and Old London Road) at 72 Old London Road, just outside The Elms between 1962 and 1965. 'The Elms' were a couple of giant elm trees that were a feature of this junction. Close by was the Salmon's Newsagency. I don't think the elms are there anymore, but I believe the newsagency is still run by the Salmon family. This picture brings back so many childhood memories for me!

By Hans Swan (12/01/2006)

Yep, Jeff and Mary Salmon, brother and sister, still run the newsagent. Still moaning at kids everytime they go in the shop.

By Rick (09/12/2006)

The elms were sadly removed yesterday, having succumbed to the dreaded Dutch Elm disease. Mary and Jeff have since retired too!

By Paul (19/08/2010)

Like Paul, it was sad for me to return to Brighton after many years and see the elms gone. As a boy I spent many week ends in the village near Salmons as I had a crush on Mary Salmon (I went to Clifton College with her). The world has changed and not for the better.

By Bob Munro (23/08/2015)

I don't remember the elms but I lived in Patcham from 1956 when I was born, to 1967.


By John Hutchings (07/06/2016)