Old Steine

Brighton's very own Jaguar?

By Mike Stone, Entertainer

This building is in between the Royal Albion Hotel and the Royal York Buildings, not far from the seafront near the Palace Pier. I think this used to be a Jaguar car showroom because I think that little cat up there is supposed to be a jaguar, although some people think it looks like a kitten.

Photo:Cat on the side of building in New Steine

Cat on the side of building in New Steine

From the private collection of Mike Stone

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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Actually I read somewhere that the cat was the trade mark of the architect.
By Elizabeth Wakefield (27/05/2005)

Yes, Mike is right - this was a car showroom. I used to be in awe of it as a child, wondering how they got the cars inside! And I've always loved the cat.

By Jax (12/06/2007)