Pet's graveyard at Preston Manor

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Pets' graveyard, Preston Manor, 1994

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Burying your pets

By Jessica, schoolchild

"This is the Pets' Graveyard behind Preston Manor. There are these little gravestones, sometimes with flowers, but some are a bit overgrown, and if you look carefully you can read the names. I like the idea of burying your pets to prove that you really did care for them."

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' museum exhibit
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Comments about this page
We love the idea of burying your pets. it proves how much you loved them. We feel sorry for Sammy.
By Katie and Rebecca (07/01/2005)
Dear Jessica, I am researching a book into animal graves and memorials and I found the information on your site very interesting. I hope to visit Preston Park Cemetery at some point. Well done!
By Jan Toms (23/01/2005)
We visited the graveyard yesterday and really enjoyed it.
By Mr. Woolley (06/05/2005)
My favourite part was looking around the house.
By Ellie (20/05/2005)
I got to make a bottle of lemonade. I thought it was brilliant. I liked Preston Manor.
By Sharna (20/05/2005)
I loved it when we went to the pets graveyard, because we saw a grave with the name called Sooty who was cruelly poisoned.
By Alex (20/05/2005)
I liked being shown how to make baked apples.
By Ruth (20/05/2005)
I went to Preston Manor and loved looking at the graves.
By Megan (20/05/2005)
I went to Preston Manor and loved looking at the graves.
By Andrew (20/05/2005)
I loved when I saw a grave of Sooty - he was poisoned.
By Lizzy (20/05/2005)
I liked making the baked apples.
By Leah (20/05/2005)
I liked the lady who dressed up and showed us the bells.
By Esme (20/05/2005)
While surfing the site once again, I saw photos of Preston Manor and had a vauge memory of something to do with pets and graves. Then to my surprise I saw this and the memory came alive. Thanks so much, Jessica, for helping me to remember a childhood memory.
By Sandy Ebrahimi (nee Richards) (06/01/2006)
I remember as a little girl in 1954 being taken by my Mum and Dad (and my sister Jillian) and a lovely lady called Pem Bell to Preston Manor to visit the pets graveyard. I always remember the gravestone which read 'Here lies Tatters not that it matters' und underneath read 'Here lies Tatters of course it matters'. I never knew if it referred to a cat or a dog but it has always stuck in my mind.
By Diane (12/02/2006)

If you look in the bushes behind Stanmer House in Stanmer Park, Brighton, you will find the graves of two dogs. It would seem that the Victorians were as fond of their pets as we are today.

By Peter Davies (17/06/2010)