Volks Electric Railway

A nostalgic view

Photo:Volk's Railway and the Aquarium, late 1951

Volk's Railway and the Aquarium, late 1951

From the private collection of Peter Bailey

Photo:Volk's Railway and Black Rock, late 1951

Volk's Railway and Black Rock, late 1951

From the private collection of Peter Bailey

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In these photographs you can just see the driver's arm up in the air - the speed controller was located on the roof at the front of the cars until the early 1960s, when a more conventional tramcar-like controller became standard, and drivers could then relax their arms a bit!
By Martin Nimmo (22/12/2004)

The Aquarium picture shows a signal on a pole at the end of the platform. The system was installed in the early 1950s but only lasted a few years. I can remember seeing the drivers lift a flap and operate a switch, but was never able to work out how the system worked. Does anybody have the answer?
I have been driving on Volk's Railway for a number of years, as both staff and volunteer. I for one wouldn't have wanted to have to use the roof-mounted controllers. It must have been arm-aching.

By John Goddard (19/04/2009)

I recall it had 3rd rail for current collection although in the Black rock picture this appears to be missing on the branch or run-around. I recall the roof mounted rheostat. Can you recall the voltage on the system?

By John Snelling (17/05/2011)

During the war, although the beach (pebbles actually) were out of bounds, Madeira Drive was open to the public. I remember being taken along the front where the Volks trams had been taken across the road and stored on sleepers under the arches. I can remember climbing on the driving platform and treading on a button protruding from the floor, where there was a loud clang of the warning gong, and I was off that platform instantly. That must have been about 1942 as I would have been 4 at the time. I also remember listening to someone walking on the pebbles, which I had never heard before.

By John Boxell (14/07/2011)

Martin, I can't even make out the driver on either of these photos, let alone his up-stretched arm, although I think I can see a right hand on the wheel in the lower one.

I wish I had your Superman vision! Regards, Alan.

By Alan Hobden (07/01/2016)