Regent Ballroom

The Musical Melfis in 1960

By Gordon Dinnage, entered on behalf of Ernie Charman

During an August evening's entertainment, Ernie Charman captured Valerie singingĀ and Vincent playing the accordian in the musical number entitled 'Love Letters'.

The Melfis consisted of Vincent (left), Valerie (right), Vivian on drums and Mr Melfi on keyboard.

Photo by and information from the diaries of Ernie Charman who took many a view and film footage of the Big Bands of the time including Syd Dean and many others at The Regent Ballroom as well as similar old time dance venues in Brighton and Worthing.

Photo:Musical Melfis at the Regent Ballroom 1960

Musical Melfis at the Regent Ballroom 1960

Photo by Ernie Charman

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I worked with the Marie De Vere dancers in the early 60s. I'd love to have contact with members of the family.

By Pauline Clarke (25/05/2009)

If Pauline Clarke would like to get in touch with me, she can contact me via my email.

By Viv Melfi (25/10/2009)

Lots of 60s Devere dancers live in Sussex give us a call  Pauline.

By Jenny Cook (30/04/2010)

I was a De Vere Girl at Minehead l962 and Clacton l963/4. It was a happy time and the girls were lovely to work with. What was Mrs De Vere's real name, anybody know? Hope some of the girls are well and have happy memories too!

By Ann Rusty Allan (Rusty Miller) (11/03/2011)

My mum is chuffed with this picture -she was married to Vincent. Thank you

By Ami Shipton (05/09/2012)

The photographic collection of Ernest (Ernie) Charman [1934-2015] is with Gordon Dinnage where all future enquiries for the use of any such images should be sought.

By Gordon Dinnage (15/02/2015)

Ann Rusty Allan: did you find Mrs De Vere's real name? I could help if not. 

By Nina Dawes (20/08/2016)

Worked Filey,Bogner & Clacton as de vere dancer 1960 to 1964.

By Carol Lowrie(Toni Carol) (19/09/2016)

Trying to find out more about the Melfis is there Anyone out there who could help me please?

By George Georgiou (08/07/2018)