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Photo:An extraordinary amount of information gets added to this site by visitors' comments. This demolished street in Brighton was identified as William Street. We now know who ran the boarded-up shop and the doss-house that lay beyond the archway.

An extraordinary amount of information gets added to this site by visitors' comments. This demolished street in Brighton was identified as William Street. We now know who ran the boarded-up shop and the doss-house that lay beyond the archway.

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By Jack Latimer

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Comments about this page

I saw a picture recently on this site showing 'Brighton Brothers' Confectionery Shop. I have spoken to the son of one of the original brothers and he can confirm that the shop was in Portland Road Hove, next to a chemist. He is unable to recall the shop number. The Brighon Brothers also had a retail shop in George Street, Hove and a manufacturing confectionery plant in Davigdor Road Hove.

By John Colyer (27/05/2007)

The Brighton Brothers ran the Sea Scouts in the church in Holland Road (I can't remember the name) and always brought free sweets for us at the meetings, I think this encouraged a good attendance.

By Dennis Fielder (02/08/2007)

John, Brighton Brothers Confectionery Shop is now known to be at 85 Portland Road, Hove and is now M.J. Still Electronic Services. The original Brighton Brothers shop is featured in the new QueenSpark 2008 calendar, Lost Shops of Brighton.

By Marion (04/11/2007)

Hi, my name is Laura, I'm from Argentina. I went to England to study English in '99' and stood in Brighton during January. I must say I had the time of my life (although I was only 15). It is definitely a beautiful place. The places I liked the most were the Royal Pavilion, the Lanes, the beach and Palace Pier, everything. I would really love to go back and enjoy my trip as much as I did it the first time. Hope I can travell again soon. xx

By laura (26/11/2007)

I grew up in Surrey and had many a holiday in Brighton and Hove. My stepmother - Norah Miller (nee Napier) had relatives in the Bruder family who operated a jewellry shop at 8 Pool Valley. I can remember going there as a child. I suppose it is no longer there. I will be in England next September and plan to revisit Brighton as I have fond memories.
Bette Schoots (nee Miller, Wallington)

By Bette Schoots (30/11/2007)

Brighton is my spiritual home. I spent my childhood in the early 1950s here. I remember singing in the choir of St Bartholomews. When our family moved to Crawley I repeatedly ran away from home and returned to Brighton. I loved the seafront, the Pier and the North Laines. It was not so much about relationships with lost friends but more about searching for my spirit which dwelt in one place-Brighton.

By Ross Martin (03/12/2007)

Thank you for the photos and info on Rottingdean. It's great to have a bit of background info on the village after we stayed there recently. It's a very pretty place and we really enjoyed our few days there.

By Adele Maloney (23/01/2008)

I was in Brighton last year 28/11/2007 and I really loved the seafront, the malls and the shopping area. Would love to visit again. While I was there I so much wanted to find out about my brother in law's parents who were variety and pantomine actors, maybe in the 1930's to early 40's. their names were Bruce Green and Edith Clopet. Edith was born around 1900 and died in 1964. Bruce Green was a stage name: his real name was Joseph Brewster Green, he died just WWII. I would really love to hear any news about them.

By Debbie Reynauld (12/04/2008)

I was born in Brighton, at the bottom of Hartington Road in 1932. I went to PevenseyInfantsSchool and onto VarndeanSchool in 1943. I lived in Lewes Road and used to spend all my time playing sport at the wild park in Moulsecombe. I had a girlfriend, Eunice Teague, for many years and we had an abundance of friends, Hazel Rider, Marion Want, Sheila Donaldson, Dickie Parker, Eric Ratcliffe,Jim Donaldson and many more. If any of you are still out there please get in touch. I have been in touch with Johnny Holmes, who now lives in South Africa, and we have reminisced upon our early years in Brighton, especially when the bomb landed on the pub on Lewes Road and filled the air with feathers. Many memories come flooding back and it would be so nice to share them.

By Charles[Tony]Smith (02/10/2008)
The message board and the power of the internet is fantastic. Through 'My Brighton and Hove' I have found a long lost family member after 50+ years, which is incredible. Thank you MyB&H!
By Pat (18/07/2009)

Living in Brighton and going to school there from 1973-1977 were the best years. Hot summers 1976 and 1977, Patcham Fawcett, then on to Varndean, happy days. We lived above what was the Courts Furnishers store on the seafront between the two piers on the corner of Middle Steet. We went to a little ice cream parlour a few doors along in Middle Street for what my memory tells me were the best milk shakes in the world. We went to various pubs and clubs. Sherries in Middle Street and another place called "Sloopies" in an old chuch I think near the clock tower in town. The Golden Egg for lunch, drinks at Henekys and live music at The Alhambra on the seafront. Happy days in fantastic Brighton, may it never change. Iwill always love my memories of friends, places and young loves there.

By Craig Davis (03/03/2010)

Hi All! Does anyone rember Bellmans in London Road or worked there in the late 50s/ early 60s. I worked on provisons and delli. The landlord of the pub next door let us have the top room as small club as there was not one in the store. I remember that when it rained, duck boards had to be put down and stock put on top. Great staff. Great times.

By John Dine (07/03/2010)

I was a policeman in Brighton centre during 1974 when the High St. went pedestrianised. Happy days booking drivers who didn't know. Pure Ashes to Ashes.

By Gary Spicer (13/05/2010)

This is great website, I was born in Brighton 1943, came to Canada after the war with my mother and father who was a Canadian Soldier. We went back to Brighton in 1955 at which time I attended St. John The Baptist School untill 1958 when we came back to Canada where I have lived ever since. I have so many memories of Brighton, the beach where I spent so much time, the piers. I wish I could remember some of my school friends' names. I only remember one person John Bannon who I have been trying to locate for years with no success. I also have relatives who I have lost contact with, Pat and Harry Pearse who I would dearly love to locate. My mother's name was Susan nee Sayers, my father was Tim Comeau. If anyone remembers me or any of the mentioned name I would just love to hear from you.I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

By Valerie Brown (29/10/2010)

The Brighton Brothers who owned businesses in Hove ran the Boys Brigade at Holland Road Baptist Church. I helped take the Physical Education evening with the younger Lifeboys until 1958 when I left to join the Wrens. I lived in Tisbury Road, attended Holland Road Baptist Church where I sang in the choir and was a member of the Brighton Girls Choir. I went to school at Davigdor infants, then Ellen Street, Davigdor School for Girls and lastly Preson Technical Institute in Coombe Road. How I loved growing up in Brighton and Hove - it was a wonderful place then.

By Wendy Merritt (21/01/2011)

I think the pub you are talking about, John, is the Duke of Connaught - we had our wedding reception upstairs in there. Also my husband would meet the men who worked for the same firm as him on a Friday to pay them their wages. The firm they worked in was in Ann Street, it was called Hetex. Their offices used to be a public house up on the right hand side just passed the Church. I can't remember the name but it wasn't an English name. My sister-in-law's Father used to be the landlord in the Duke of Connaught about 60 years ago

By kathleen catt (21/02/2011)

Does anyone remember the Brighton Accordion Club. It was held every week on a Friday at Middle Street Junior School for many years. Eddie Windo and his wife Audrey, who had a Music Shop in Duke Street ran this club with a man called Bob Goad. It was there during the 50s and 60s and I was a member for about five years.

By Elizabeth Byrne (26/06/2011)

Hi, I was born in Brighton general hospital in 1964 we lived at 158 Rotherfield Cresent. My maiden name is Steedman - I have brothers called Ian and Graham and sisters called Jeanette and Denise. Mum and dad were Lesley and Rita; I'm trying to find out what happend to my Aunt Dolly, she lived at 19 Churchill, Patcham, she had a dog called Dinky and was married to the late Ernie Raywood, who fell down the stairs and died. She then was with my grandad Mr Attrell. I'm not very good at receiving emails but my mobile number is 07955578935, if anyone has any info. Thank you.

By Nicola Cahill (23/04/2012)

Hello, I am an 'original born and bred' in Brighton, and remember Bellmans well. I bought my wool there for years. I belonged to a choir name Hove girls choir, very famous in the 50s and 60s. I would love to hear from a Diane Pretty who joined with me.

By Jenny Shaw (Curd) (01/08/2012)

Does any one remember the Ballerina coffee bar in George Street Hove, late 50s?

By Pat Sawyer (13/06/2013)

Yes, I remember Bellmans well. My Mum used to buy all her wool there and then knit me all kinds of things for which I would often get ribbed at Ditchling Road School. My reply would often be "You should be as lucky as me". We weren't so well off that we could just go and buy new things when we wanted. The 30s were hard times anyway following the Stock Market crash, and it was often a case of 'make do and mend'.

By Maurice Brice (14/08/2013)

I remember Bellmans. I worked Friday nights and Saturday mornings stacking shelves whilst I was still at school. In my final year I worked through the summer holidays and earned enough to buy my first record player. Lots of memories of the characters working there at the time. That would have been 1959.

By Tom Paul (15/08/2013)

Good to see a comment from Wendy Merritt about the Brighton girls' choir. Love to hear from Wendy. Anymore of you out there? Even the boys that joined the choir later on? Mr. Masters and his daughter Bridget and another one (can't remember her name though). Thanks!

By Sylvia Pickett (24/09/2015)

Does anyone remember Costacabana ?

By Maurice Brice (21/02/2016)

Ref Elizabeth Bryne (26/06/2011).  I recall Edwindo Martin very well. My late father was initially in his accordion band in the 1950's. In about 1961 (at the age of 12) my father took me to Edwindo's Duke Street shop and bought me my first accordion (48 bass). Each Friday evening we would together attend Middle Street school - I would go into the 'early session' in a classroom for beginners where Edwindo would teach and then later go into the hall and watch him take the main band through its paces. I still have my late father's 120 bass accordion.

By George Smith (28/02/2016)

Interested in the message from Jenny Shaw (Curd) as I was also a member of Hove Girls Choir. I had a friend who joined with me called Beryl Peters. We both lived in Hangleton and went to the Nevill School in Hove.  Would love to hear from Beryl or anyone who remembers me.

By Rosemary King (nee Coulton) (07/03/2016)

I was a member of Hove Girls Choir from 1957 and friends with Jackie March, Wendy Ranger and Jean Smith who later went on to form The MacGuire Singers. I would love to hear from anyone who was around during that time. Does anyone have a copy of the record we made?  

By Susan Daniels (nee Bell) (03/11/2016)

I went to Coombe Road School in the early 40s and have lived in Canada for the last 60 years. I would love to hear from any one of that era that might have went to school with me. Does anyone remember the little confectionary shop just down from the school Darlings where we used to buy our pennyworth of lemonade powder and other treats. We used to think diiping our finger in a little brown bag of lemonade powder was just wonderful. Sad how little things today aren't so meaninful and treasured as they were way back when.

By Sylvia Stickel nee Watts (01/01/2017)

Just been looking at the comments and saw Pat Sayer's comment on the Ballerine Cafe at the top of George Street, Hove. Worked there in the 50s for about 3 weeks then got the sack. Think it was because I said I was only going to be there for a few weeks, so they got rid of me. Ha ha.

By Pat Davis (31/10/2017)

My mother, Violet Norrell,was Mr. Bellman's secretary during the war. They raised a great deal of money with the 'helpy club', running dances and events to raise money for the war effort. Mr Behar and another man who I can't remember, were heavily involved as well. Remember the German planes strafing with bullets along London road - quickly,  out of buses and find shelter! Woolworths windows were covered in paper stuck to the glass and you could not see in and that is where mostly women inside were making armourments. Everyone helped each other in those days. My grandmother bought everything at the Co-op in London road and she built up the coupons so we could have a good Christmas.

By Jennifer Goddard (Norrell) (08/11/2017)

Hi Rosemary and Susan, I've just joined this site and was interested to know if anyone remembered Hove Girls' Choir and there you are, two years after you posted your comments, but there you go! I was known as Beryl Peters in those distant days and have fond memories of our time in the choir. You can also request joining the Nevill School site as well if you're interested, Rosemary. Hope all is well with you both. 

By Margaret Bridle (18/04/2018)

Hi everybody. Does anyone remember the Malacca coffee bar on Duke Street? Or La Causette cafe in the Hotel Metropole? The Regent Ballroom?

By Mary Lowry (04/09/2018)