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Experiences of childbirth in Brighton and Hove

By Daniela Gargiulo

Speaking Of Birth is an oral history of personal experiences of childbirth told by first-time mothers in Brighton and Hove. Following the birth of my daughter I found it enormously supportive talking to women at post-natal groups and mother and baby groups. Many of the new mothers I met had a strong desire to talk about their diverse experiences and wanted to share them with other women.

Women speaking with passion and humour
I decided to record and make permanent the women's stories, to provide a snapshot of childbirth in my home city. The women spoke frankly with passion and humour. The interviews were recorded in a dozen different locations - from windy parks at playtime to the privacy of people's homes, with babies making lots of noise in the background.

An Audio CD Rom
Non-profit group Audio Craft released Speaking of Birth as a 60-minute audio CD in September 2006.  It speaks directly to women whose lives are circumscribed by the experiences of having recently given birth and being tied to their infants. It is relevant to any person whose life has been - or is about to be - touched by birth.

Project Funding
The project was funded by Awards For All - a UK lottery grants scheme for local community projects. Free copies are being distributed to new mothers in Brighton and Hove in October 2006. Thereafter the CD will be on sale at www.speakingofbirth.com.

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