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I lived in Ashburnham just after the War when it was divided into flats. When I Google mapped Ashburnham, I got a place which seems to be a more modern building closer to the village and wonder if an office block used the name.

By John Lewis (05/03/2009)

Is there anyone that may know where and what No 80 was back in 1932? I am researching a Captain J. Lintott who apparently resided there (Old London Road) or, as it was known then, London Road.

By Sally (09/02/2012)

Hi Sally, number 80 London Road was and is on the right hand side just after Rose Hill Terrace walking towards the sea and John Lintott was a plumber. I got this information from the 1931 Kelly's Directory.

By John Eaton (10/02/2012)

Hi, does anybody know if Elm Farm cottages exist anymore? I am researching the Packham family who lived there at the time of the 1901 census. Many thanks.

By David Trangmar (02/01/2014)