Old London Road

Patcham's main village street

Reproduced with permission from the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder, 1990

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Photo:Patcham House School, Old London Road, Patcham

Patcham House School, Old London Road, Patcham

Photo by Tony Mould

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I went to Patcham Old School as we then called it in about 1953-54. It was only a stone's throw from my house as I lived at 8 Old London Road. The teachers there were Mr O'Hare who had a passion for making baskets with us. Cane was always in soaking in a tin bath on the classroom floor! The other teacher I remember there was Mr Geartz (not sure of spelling). One day he told us all to bring in a negative from home. It was an eclipse and we all went into the playground to peer at the sun/moon through our negative. Here I learnt to do very good head stands in the playground. Mum and Dad weren't too pleased when I started doing them at home and left dirty sandal marks on the wall! However I was very happy at Patcham School.

By Una Aldridge (21/08/2009)

I am sure this was the place I used to go to ATC. Oh happy days.

By Roger Davis (14/04/2011)

Yes Roger, it was the HQ of 225 (Brighton No1) Squadron ATC. I was a cadet there from 1959-1964.

By Den Mackey (12/05/2013)

I went to the "Old School" as we called it, in the 50s and remember Mr O'Hare. We had to walk in a line of twos to the main school in Warmdean Road for dinner. I feel sorry for the teacher who had to walk with us.

By Avril Dean (04/10/2013)