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To all concerned. I was so happy to see these photos
of Mile Oak approved school for boys. As I was there from 1945 until 1950. It brought back wonderful memories of the best years of my life. Also a tear to my eyes thinking of those
wonderful years, I only wish I could turn the clock back. I wish to thank the person for sending these pictures through. I will treasure them, for the rest of my life. My fondest regards to all, Trevor Whitworth.

By Trevor Whitworth (22/11/2007)

I was in Mile Oak approved school for some years at the start of WW2. I hear it's now destroyed, the headmaster at that time was a Mr Beal. I wonder if anyone has any pictures of the children to share_
I now live here in Switzerland.

By Jon Marshall (14/05/2009)

I do recall the Home Guard very well. They used to stay overnight in the gym, I also remember one night, one of the soldiers firing his rifle accidently. The gym was situated on the far side of a square from the front of the school.
If there is anyone who recalls these years, I would like them to please email me.

By Jon Marshall (14/05/2009)

Hey Trev, its been a long time. Wouldn't change a thing of what I done.....

By Jim Riley (14/03/2011)

Hi Jim Riley. Yes it took a while for John Lomey to collect his thoughts to remember my nick name. I was in the boxing team as a reserve as I was the smallest kid in the school even a nipper when I left easter 1950. John Lomey left Christmas 1950 eight months after me. I also went to chelsea barracks with the lads Masters Chitty, yourself and John Lomey and the guy who was boxing instead of me. Mr Wilson was always matching us but the guy always beat me to the punch, but I can't remember his name. John thinks it may have been Roberts. There was a couple of other boys names I forget. Anyway I got in touch with John and lots to talk about. As there is still nothing of me still skinny with bad health. Had a bypass and lost my Thai wife to a lightning strike in 1999 which was my second wife of 12 years. Ok its always nice to hear from the old boys. I'm 75 october this year 2011 - you must be around the same age. Maybe you can remember me. Nick name Picklock & Jap. Obviously I remember the the names of the team, well some of them. Only real thing I was good at was running and gymnastics. All the best. Regards Trevor Whitworth.

By Trevor Whitworth (03/08/2011)

Hi, can anyone please help with info? What was the Industrial school, Portslade, and why would a 13 year old boy be in there in 1911?

By Jackie (05/04/2013)

Hi Jackie, the industrial school is the school in the pictures.  He was a naughty boy -  it was a naughty boys' school.

By Lee Mack (04/05/2015)

Hi my name is Dave. I was at Mile Oak school from January 1971 to June 1972. I was in Lewis House and my housemasters were Mr Lewis and Mr Linniker and the two female staff were Miss Curtiss and Miss Warwick. The headmaster was Mr Kane and the deputy head was Mr Fordam, the teachers were Mr Yeates, Mr Bassett Mr Lunmley, Mr Redhead, and Mr Winspear.

By Dave Garrard (20/08/2015)

I went to Portslade School and the sixth form when it was on the approved school site, between 1977 and 1979. It was still standing then as I know we had a long school photo taken in its playground, facing the building. It was knocked down some time after that, maybe the early to mid 1980s.

By Sue Austin (06/11/2016)

Yes, Sue Austin is right. There was no way that the school was demolished in 1977. I went to the 6th Form in 1979/80 and it was still standing then, though it was becoming derelict. We used to play football  in the schools old playground but I think that in this day and age, it would have been a major health and safety issue, due to debris and broken glass laying around. If my memory serves me correctly, about halfway through the school year, we were advised to no longer play there. 

By Dave Thompson (23/01/2018)