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My grandfather was her second Commanding Officer, Lt. Donald E. O. Watson. Thank you very much for this information.

By Douglas (01/08/2008)

My father Geoffrey Wright was an officer on board HMS Unbeaten (he is in the picture shown on this site). Our entire family (including his great grandchildren) celebrate his life with love and thanksgiving, and remember his fellow crew members and the crew of the Wellington bomber involved in our prayers every Armistice Day during the ll am Service of Remembrance in Martin Place,
Sydney, Australia

By Jan Brenton (nee Wright) (24/10/2008)

My great-grandfather, John 'Pop' Stockwell, served on HMS Unbeaten and was on board when she went down in November 1942. He is in the group photograph above back row, far right.

By Charlotte Jardine (12/11/2008)

My brother Clifford Smith is in the photograph and is at the extreme right of the middle row. He too went down with the submarine 'Unbeaten'. Thank you for letting me see the photograph.

By Evelyn Davies (01/01/2009)
My brother H.H.Bayne, aged 17 years was lost whilst serving on 'Unbeaten'. Thank you for the opportunity to read about the submarine and its crew. Is it possible to obtain a photograph of the Unbeaten?
By Derek I Bayne (14/07/2009)

My wife’s great uncle Albert Piper served onboard HMS Unbeaten as the Leading Telegraphist and went down with her on 11/11/42 in the Bay of Biscay. Up until very recently all my wife’s side of the family thought Albert was lost at sea just off Plymouth. I have recently left the Royal Navy and find myself in a good position to research HMS Unbeaten with the firm intention of writing a book about the short life of this vessel and the essential part it played during WW2.  My research over the last year has developed very well and I have amassed allot of additional information not in the public arena.   I would love to hear from more ex crew members or relatives who would be willing to pass on any information, written or photographs, regarding Unbeaten for inclusion in the book.  Mr Tony Drury who compiled this great webpage has been an inspiration and help to me in this endeavour, any information passed on to me will be treated with the utmost respect.  I can be contacted by email: and marked FAO David JB Smith.

By David Fenner-Smith (24/07/2011)

I was very interested to read about the history of HMS Unbeaten and will buy the book Silent They Speak. My late Aunt Eileen Turner formerly Gale nee Else married Edward Gale who served on the Unbeaten in March 1942 before going back to sea on the Unbeaten, he never came home but went down with the valiant crew. I have his photograph if anyone is interested.

By Pauline Bronks (10/08/2013)