Brighton General Hospital

Blocks C2 and D2 c1956

By Ken Ross

This photograph, taken from the top of the Nurses' Home at the Brighton General in around 1956, shows C Block and D Block as they were then without the closed in balconys. Also clearly seen is the bridge corridor across from block to block.

This comes from the personal collection of a nurse Dolly Bhagwandin, who trained at the hospital between 1955 and 1958, who then returned in 1964 as ward sister on E2. It can also be seen on the web site:

The Brighton General site contains a considerable number of photographs of the hospital, nurses, Christmas events, and a whole lot more. It was set up as a site for those nurses who trained at the General when it was an individual school of nursing before the trust and the loss of separate hospital nurse training. It is well worth a visit for anyone interested in the history of the hospital.

Any SRN who did the three years at the General can get in touch with the Brighton General Hospital SRNs' Association by visiting the site.

Photo:Brighton General C and D Blocks c.1956

Brighton General C and D Blocks c.1956

Dolly Bhagwandin (via Ken Ross)

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My dad Earnest Albert Smith was a male nurse at the General. I have a diary of his with an entry of when I was born in 1948. In 1954 I was in BGH and my dad was on duty, I remember him in his white coat looking very smart. There was a photo but I no longer have it in my possession.The sight is wonderful and shows just how nursing has changed from a vocation. Cheers to all those
wonderful people of yesteryear.

By jennifer smith now tonks (11/09/2008)

There are a couple of pictures showing the inside of the corridors that should soon be on the site, I hope.

By Mr K I Ross (11/09/2018)