Mystery Photos of Brighton & Hove

Is this another Oak Apple Day outing?

By Dennis Parrett

I previously submitted a photo of a group of men outside a pub which I thought may have been the Albion Inn, in Albion Hill, but now some doubt has been thrown on that. I now submit another photo of a similar group and some of the faces are recognisable from the other photo. My grandfather, Henry Charles Terry, is in the back row, third from the left. The man in the front, extreme right, has a funny hat on and the one next to him is holding a basket. Another man is holding a cornet or similar musical instrument. One on the left side at the back seems to be holding a beer mug.The button holes are similar; is this Oak Apple day again?

A number of these photos are coming to light now. Does anybody recognise a face? Can anyone throw any more light on these occasions?

Photo:Another Mens' Outing?

Another Mens' Outing?

Dennis Parrett

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