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Hove and the Great War

By David Fisher

I found this poster as an illustration in a book called Hove and the Great War by H M Walbrook. It is available as a download (from the University of California library!) at http://ia341202.us.archive.org/1/items/hovegreatwarreco00walbiala/hovegreatwarreco00walbiala.pdf

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How interesting, would love to hear more about this.

By Bonny Cother (27/12/2010)

I hadn't really considered that invasion was much of a possibility during WW1. I know it was very real during WW2 but had not realised that Britain prepared for it during WW1. The instructions are pretty basic: head North West, by private transport or foot, and bring money, food, blanket. Imagine trying to get people to comply with those instructions today, just one hundred years later. Does anyone know exactly when this happened? And how long were special constables waiting at cross-roads to direct evacuees? And where did they send them?

By Nigel Bailey (07/05/2014)

There was always a threat of invasion from by Germany via Belgium (read Riddle of the Sands). As to WWll there was a cordon around the coast and you had to have a pass to cross beyond. As to the special constables - they would only be deployed in the event.

By Ken Ross (09/05/2014)