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This is so interesting. During the war, my Father was the landlord at the Little Globe in Edward Street and we also had what was 27 (now renumbered as 26 or 28) and 30 High Street and we had billeted on us several of the sailors on these courses. Attached to 27 in those days was the property numbered 26 which in fact was a garage to 27 with a very large room over it, and this garage was carpeted over and used as a dinning room for the sailors. A small story to add, opposite 27 was Gill & Son a small firm and one of the sailors started going out with the secretay to Mr Gill, I think the sailor's name was Eric; eventually they married and the last time I saw them was in the late 50s when they lived up the road across from the Pepper Pot in Queens Park Road.

By Ken Ross (03/02/2010)

I am so happy that I have found this site! My grandfather was a lecturer in wireless telegraphy during ww2 in Brighton where the family lived. I have several photos of him sitting surrounded by his class. class23 and class 79. Also photos with other gentlemen in suits (other lecturers?) and senior naval officers in uniform. For many years I have been wondering where the photos were taken. Now I know it was West House.

By Maureen Stranger (11/10/2012)

I have a photograph of my father William (Bill) GRIFFITHS (from Swansea) and one of his colleauges which he told me was taken of them in Australia, I think he enlisted in 1943 - both have Telagraphist arm badges - I know very little of my Dad's service other than he talked about HMS NEWCASTLE? Also THE STIRLING CASTLE and he may have at one time been a submariner.

By Steve Griffiths (23/10/2012)

I so enjoyed finding this information, thank you! My late husband, Rowland Neil Linell, also took advanced training at St. Bede's. He intercepted Japanese traffic. He was in Ceylon, where he was confirmed in Galle Face Cathedral. He was also sent to the Cocos Islands. I wonder if anyone knew him, and would be thrilled to hear.

By Primrose Linell (06/05/2013)

I was astounded when I saw my Dad in the photograph of "Class 20". He is sitting in the front row, third from the left, I'dd like to know anything about his Service. If anyone knew him I would welcome any information.

By Stephen Griffiths (10/06/2016)