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Comments about this page

  • I cannot add this to the Cinema site as I have no picture.
    To the Editor;
    I recall being taken to a cinema on Brighton sea front somewhere near the West Pier.
    If I recall correctly, it was called “The Palladium” and it seemed to me as a young child that it was old – maybe an old theatre. The film I saw with my father was a Russian classic called “The Battleship Potempkin”. Ca you edit this into “Cinemas” after checking it out and letting me know?

    By John Snelling (20/10/2019)
  • Hello John
    You are right about the cinema – The Palladium was on the seafront.
    If you look on the Regency Society you will see a photo
    Hope this helps
    Website Editor

    By Jennifer Drury (21/10/2019)
  • I may (I stress may) be able to donate below mentioned panoramic school photos. Brighton & Hove Archives don’t want my offer of a donation of old ‘Hove County School for Boys’ panoramic school photos dated 1946 and 1948 as they say they have copies already. There MUST be another local Hove archive that would have them, surely? Any suggestions please?

    By Bob Carnegie (18/11/2019)

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