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  • I cannot add this to the Cinema site as I have no picture.
    To the Editor;
    I recall being taken to a cinema on Brighton sea front somewhere near the West Pier.
    If I recall correctly, it was called “The Palladium” and it seemed to me as a young child that it was old – maybe an old theatre. The film I saw with my father was a Russian classic called “The Battleship Potempkin”. Ca you edit this into “Cinemas” after checking it out and letting me know?

    By John Snelling (20/10/2019)
  • Hello John
    You are right about the cinema – The Palladium was on the seafront.
    If you look on the Regency Society you will see a photo
    Hope this helps
    Website Editor

    By Jennifer Drury (21/10/2019)
  • I may (I stress may) be able to donate below mentioned panoramic school photos. Brighton & Hove Archives don’t want my offer of a donation of old ‘Hove County School for Boys’ panoramic school photos dated 1946 and 1948 as they say they have copies already. There MUST be another local Hove archive that would have them, surely? Any suggestions please?

    By Bob Carnegie (18/11/2019)
  • Can there ever be a more gorgeous house as there was on 65 Upper Gloucester Road. I moved there in 1952 on my tenth birthday with my Mum, Dad and sister. My Dad was working in Berkeley Square in Mayfair and travelled each day up to London. We moved from our house in Palmers Green down to Brighton as my Dad loved Brighton. All too soon I was drawn into the magic of Brighton with the Promettes and the magic of the Laines and the wonderful Brighton Library and Museum where I spent a lot of my time. The lovely Pem and Pop Bell who owned the house in Upper Gloucester Road which backed onto the old Brighton Film Studios made us so welcome and I attended the local St Mary Magdalene School in Upper North Street. Brighton then was a magical place and we were there for three years in that house which was demolished and them rebuilt and looks absolutely fabulous on the corner of St Nicholas Road. How I would love to live there! I eventually ended up on Hove seafront but my heart yearns for that house in Upper Gloucester Road with so many happy memories! Jillian.

    By Jillian Foley (17/11/2020)
  • Does anyone know anything about the people who furnished Holy Trinity church in the 1900s?
    There was a church furnishers at 188 lewes Road called Valette Louis Limited, Church Furnishers, but I cannot find anything about them.

    By caole sanderson (09/02/2021)
  • Which Holy Trinity? There is one in Ship Street, now Fabrica Gallery and one in Ventnor Villas.

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (11/02/2021)
  • I’d like to contribute a set of Beach Hut photos (my own) I’m about to give a talk on Hove’s Beach Huts to the local u3a and was surprised to find so little on this site.

    By Bonny Holland (16/02/2021)
  • Bonny, I have been a contributor to the B&H site since it was formed as ‘My Brighton’ in 1993, indeed I was one of the ‘backroom staff’ who actually set it all up. The site is very much a ‘People’s History’ and relies on the general public, whoever they might be, to make the contributions. If there is not much on beach huts it is because nobody has put anything up! so now you can start a whole new train of study and people interested in beach huts…[me for instance] can contribute such fact and trivia that they have. I am looking forward to ‘beach huts’ as I teach one of my courses on Resort History.

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (20/02/2021)
  • To the one who wanted an address to donate cards of schools. Have you thought of visiting the shop in Queens Road, Step Back in Time. Loads of history there and I feel sure the owner could guide you to a place to donate your photos.

    By Bonny Cother (23/04/2021)
  • Hello from San Francisco….so happy to dig deep into this site! Thank you volunteers.
    I recall a strange attraction under the arches, a collection of taxidermy mammals in Victorian clothes. It would have been the 1970s. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

    By Patricia Miller (29/05/2021)
  • To Patricia Miller;
    If you look on this site under the heading, ‘An Extraordinary Discovery’ or put Walter Potter into the search box you will find a reference to the collection you mention. Also, look up Walter Potter on the internet. Unfortunately for us his collection was split up and sold off and little of it remains in the UK now.

    By Tim Sargeant (31/05/2021)
  • Thank you Annika for your offer but it is not of interest to us.
    Best wishes
    Jennifer Drury
    Website Editor

    By Jennifer Drury (02/06/2021)
  • Hi,
    I have this message below;

    Mr Smith,
    21, Clyde Road,
    Brighton BN1 4NN

    Dear Mr Smith,

    My name is M Niza from Malaysia.
    I was a student at Brighton Technical College (BTC) 1975-1977.
    Whilst I was a student then, I and a couple of other Malaysian students of BTC were staying at the 21, Clyde Road.
    We would like to reconnect and I can be connected at the following email;

    Yours truly,
    Mr. M Niza

    Postal Address;
    43, Jalan USJ 9/3D,
    47620 Subang Jaya,

    Appreciate if this could be delivered to the above address.

    Thank you.

    By M Niza W Zain (08/07/2021)
  • 21 Jul 2021
    Brighton Grammar School,

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Hussain Al Mahroos, a writer from the Kingdom of Bahrain and specialist in biographical writing. I am currently working on writing the biography of one of Bahrain’s most renowned merchants Mr. Husain Yateem, who was a student in Brighton Grammar School in 1928. I would like you to help me to know some details about his studies, the month he attended school, his grades record and some pictures of the school in that time period (1928).

    Best Regards,
    Hussein Al-Mahroos

    By Husain Al Mahroos (21/07/2021)
  • Hello Husain – I am sorry but we do not have any idea where you could find the
    information you require, especially after such a long time
    Best wishes

    By Jennifer Drury (21/07/2021)
  • Hi Husain, Brighton Grammar School changed its name some 20 + years ago to BHASVIC you can contact them here

    You could also try the Past and Present Association, there is a age about it here and at the bottom a contact email address. Good luck !!!

    By Peter Groves (21/07/2021)
  • Hello Jennife & Peter
    thanks a lot for your interest and quick response
    I found one picture for Husain Yateem so I was expecting to find more info!!
    Can I find a list of school principals during the twenties?


    By Husain Al Mahroos (22/07/2021)
  • Hi Husain, the school has a Great Hall with photos of the past, they also have an historic archivist, you should contact the school on the email address I mentioned earlier, good luck!

    By Peter Groves (25/07/2021)
  • Is there any way I can ask to contact posters on this site? I have seen people post who I knew in my childhood, and would love to reunite with, obviously only if they are interested and willing. Do you have any mechanism for this?

    By Anthony Davies (23/08/2021)
  • In my mother’s trinkets I just found a wooden bracelet in original box marked W Cochran, King’s Road, Brighton. Inside the box a hand written note from husband gifting to his wife, dated 1858. Anyone who has knowledge of the original business would love to hear from you.

    By Kevin (21/10/2021)
  • The search engine on this site does not appear to be working correctly. I put the word queen into the search and the result was that the word couldn’t be found in spite of the word queen being used on the site. I tried searching for other words that are on the site and none of them could be found.
    I tried to bring this to your attention through the ‘contact us’ facility but have not had any response.
    The fact that the search is not working does not look good on what is otherwise an excellent site.

    By Frank Gamble (26/06/2022)
  • You are quite correct Frank about the poor search on this site, I have tried to use it often but never any success. In fact when the website was given a “refresh” with new software approx 4 years ago it was a backward step, nothing has worked as well since, the old software was much better, shame as it was really good until then!

    Sorry to hear about the problems. Have informed the Techies and I am sure they will be on the case asap. Jennifer;0)

    By Peter Groves (27/06/2022)
  • Although I do not wish to denigrate the hard work put in by various people in keeping MyBrightonandHove up and running I also concur with the two comments above.
    I also have been unable to search for items on the site, just get a message, ‘nothing matches your search’. (Or similar wording) TCS.

    Sorry to hear about the problems. Have informed the Techies and I am sure they will be on the case asap. Jennifer;0)

    By Tim Sargeant (28/06/2022)

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