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For the last 18 years, the volunteer group which runs My Brighton and Hove has worked hard to make this the largest and most successful local history and community site. Over the years we have won not only local approbation, but national and international awards.

No regular funding

All this has been achieved without any regular funding. We have to rely on the goodwill and hard work of our volunteers, and the kindness of visitors who support us by a donation. We keep our expenses as low as possible but we do need funds to pay for web-hosting, volunteer expenses, and other incidentals incurred in producing and running the website.

A small donation?

Would you support us by making a donation – no matter how small? We can assure you that every donation, even a couple of pounds, will be very gratefully received. You can make an online donation by using the button above. You can use your debit or credit card, or donate via PayPal, which is safe and secure.

Many thanks

The My Brighton and Hove Volunteer Team

Comments about this page

  • I would gladly donate, as I will be in the UK from June on. I will send English money if you give me details how and who to address it to. I just love the web page.

    Editor’s note: Hello Bonny – if you use the donate link on this page it takes you to PayPal – and you can use it from anywhere in the world. You can use your credit or debit card which is safe and secure. Best wishes. Jennifer

    By Bonny Cother (27/04/2011)
  • Believe me I would like to donate but having to visit the wife in hostpital and the fact that I am a pensioner leaves me at present with very little money, but first chance I get, I will, trust me.and thanks.

    Editor’s note: Thanks for your note. The main thing is that you continue to visit and enjoy the site. Not everyone is in a position to donate – but thanks for the thought.

    By D P Featherbe (13/09/2011)
  • I’ve tried several times to fill in the form but it keeps disappearing. I give up!

    Editor’s note: If you are having trouble with filling in the form, make sure you have entered an amount in the box at the top, and clicked ‘Update’. Or you can email Jennifer at and ask for an address to send a cheque. We don’t publish addresses on the website for security reasons.

    By Stevie Hobbs (02/10/2011)
  • My B&H you need to get paypal, dont like putting my card details over the internet.

    Editor’s note: Martin – if you hit the donate link you will be taken to the sign in for your Paypal account. There is also a facility for card payments for those who do not have a Paypal account. Check it out?

    By Martin Phillips (23/02/2012)
  • I’m a mature student living in Swansea, but born-and-bred in Brighton; I’m a bit short of funds until my next student loan payment in April, but rest assured I’ll be sending you £5 (sorry I can’t make it more!). I love your website; I’ve been marooned in Swansea for 5 years, but I visit your website daily to get my Brighton ‘fix’! Thanks for all of your hard work in making such a great website!

    Editor’s note: Thanks for your kind words Kevin and also thanks for telling us about your future donation – it will be very much appreciated. Maybe you might think of writing up some of your Brighton memories and I can publish them on the site? Get in touch:

    By Kevin (24/02/2012)
  • Have just attempted to donate but without success.

    Editor’s note: Please email me Patricia and I can help. Jennifer.

    By Patricia Lawrance (05/06/2012)
  • I donated £5 well over a week ago but have received no acknowledgement as yet or even thanks.

    Editor’s note: You should have had an automatic reply. I also sent you a personal reply but my message was sent back as a delivery failure. I also sent you an email regarding a query you made – hope you got that? Jennifer

    By John Snelling (25/11/2012)
  • Dear Ed, why can”t I just bang a cheque in the post? e-mail me an address and a few smackers (north speack for pounds) shall be gladly posted.  Thanks
    Please email Jennifer at and ask for an address to send a cheque. We don’t publish addresses on the website for security reasons. Thank you

    By David Farnsworth (13/08/2014)
  • Came across your website while searching the internet for Sussex Victorian/Edwardian mineral water manufacturers. Found a piece of info on your site that was helpful to my research. Have made a donation to help your work. It would have been more but unfortunately I’m unemployed.
    Best wishes from along the coast in Eastbourne!

    By Lionel Moth (26/08/2022)

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