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Introducing this website

My Brighton and Hove has been the ‘go to’ website for all things about the city for many years now, and with its relaunch in 2019, it’s clear that the website is set to go from strength to strength. The My Brighton and Hove website was launched in 2000 to celebrate the Millennium, was re-launched in 2006, and has now been refreshed yet again. We are proud of our own history, and have won numerous awards, but we do not want to stand still. We want to ensure that we offer the best experience we can for the city and its surrounding areas.

If you want to find out about the Pavilion’s past, the neighbourhood around North Laine, or can add information about 1960s schoolchildren from Seven Dials, then this website is the place for you. Brighton and Hove has always been a lively, diverse community, and this website reflects that. There are photos, articles, and many questions that need answering by you, the public.

What type of content has been published on this site?

Anything to do with life in Brighton and Hove, past or present. It has included:

  • an old photo of Brighton and Hove;
  • a new photo recording some aspect of the city today;
  • memories of life in the city;
  • information about some aspect of the city.

Contributing to the site

The site has grown over the years and become as successful as it is because of users who have something to add to the site, and we want that to continue. You can add a comment about anything on the website by clicking on the ‘Add a comment’ link at the bottom of each page. You can also submit your own photos, stories or information to the site by using our contribution form.

Comments about this page

  • I am a volunteer at the Slaidburn Archive ( I am attempting to write about the impact of WW2 on this small Yorkshire village and in particular the arrival of evacuees from London but mainly from Brighton.

    Unless they were “private evacuees” they had their own attendance record but several are mentioned in the school log book for the time. A Miss Parsons was a teacher from Brighton who stayed in the village for a while.
    The Archive holds two photographs one of girls and the other of boys and most of the children would appear to be evacuees mixed in with local children.
    Amongst the names mentioned in the logbook is that of Charles (Charlie) Hewitt and he stayed on in the village for a while after the war. We have several photos of Charlie and we also know where he ended his days in the USA. My family kept a photograph of Zoe Fry who is also mentioned in the logbook as taking the entrance exam for Varndean School. Charlie and Emily Perkins also took the Brighton Scholarship Examination whilst at the school. Jennifer Florence Perkins was amitted to the school in March 1943. Alan Virgo born circa 1932 was an evacuee in a family where letters from the family to their son stationed abroad mention Alan frequently and he, in April 1943, joins his 2 brothers at a school in Doncaster. Elsie Poynter is another name mentioned.

    We would love to make contact with families who came to the village. I would be grateful if somehow you could spread the word around. I can be contacted either by post:
    Margaret Brenchley,
    Slaidburn Archive,
    25 Church St., Slaidburn, Clitheroe BB73ER

    By Margaret Brenchley (09/09/2019)

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