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11th December 2005
This week take a look at this pleasant memory from an ex employee of The EF Language College then find out about Bob A Job week with the 11th Brighton Scout Group in West Street. We are then “Looking In and Listening Out” with Tim Wade, followed by a bit of War-time romance. Finally we have a new image of Kensington Place.

28th November 2005
This week we launch the first instalment of our new featured section ‘Green Havens‘. Week by week we will be speaking to allotment holders that work plots in this city, to try and understand their motivations and uncover their gardening tips, hear funny anecdotes, and discover their hopes and fears for the future.

We’re encouraging everyone else with an allotment tale to share their experiences in the Green Havens section. You can upload your story to the site by using our PageMaker utility. Or if you prefer, you can contact who will be able to advise you on the best way to get your material published.

22nd November 2005
This week we have an new photo of the entrance to one end of the Kemptown branch tunnel. We also have an account of Winston Churchill’s early school days in Hove. Finally, we look at the infamous Hove Tornado of 2001!

9th November 2005
Our update this week provides a first-hand account of how both the Royal Pavilion and the Dome came close to being bombed during the Second World War, as well as a reminder of the wonderful work done by the Martlets Hospice in Hove and how you can help.

29th October 2005
Editor’s pick: As our October days turn wet and windy, I am reminded of a rather stormy October night 18 years ago. Do you remember the infamous Hurricane of 1987? Read about what happened on the night, what the damage was, how we cleared it up and why our Brighton trees suffered so badly. See the evidence for yourself: the damaged trees, the damaged property and the storm-swept beach. And be pleased that it hasn’t been quite that windy in October 2005!

22nd October 2005
We take a look at Kemptown this week, with a memory of many old places in the area and another image of St George’s Terrace. We also have an interesting photo of Portslade County School for Boys – do you remember anyone? Finally take a look at this photo which shows the aftermath of the Bombing of Park Crescent during WW2.

8th October 2005
This week we feature a brand new section which focuses on the various subcultures that thrive in Brighton and Hove. We’ve called it Scene & Heard and more contributions are invited! If you’d like to add anything, simply go to our PageMaker utility to get your particular interest published.

2nd October 2005
Wonderful memories of being involved in the civil defence of Brighton during the Second World War; some information – historical and current – about St Cuthman’s Church in Whitehawk; and a brief history of how the current BHASVIC College came into being; all make up our update this week.

25th September 2005
This week we have a well researched piece about Kensington Place and some of its famous residents. We also have some old and new images of St. George’s Terrace for you to compare.

14th Septemeber 2005
This week we go back as far as 1086 with a look at Ovingdean and its farming. We also have an interesting WW2 story about an attempt to bomb the viaduct over the Lewes Road. Finally we have some lovely images of the Bristol Hotel and Brighton Beach.

2nd September 2005
The emphasis is definitely on people this week – some who have made an impact on Brighton and some for whom Brighton has been a small but significant part of their lives.
For the first group we have a wonderful article describing ‘The Great Omani’s’ final appearance in July of this year, as well as short biographies of Jeanette Raphael who made many appearances ice-skating at the SS Brighton, and Alan Weeks the well-known sports commentator who started his broadcasting career at the same ice stadium. And the second group tells of their childhood memories of being evacuated to Brighton at the outbreak of the Second World War – they are: Teresa Stevens, Cecily Tween and Kathleen Phillips.

26th August 2005
This week we take a look at some people who have entertained Brighton & Hove over the years. We have the multi-talented Reg Moores, the pugilist Tommy Farr and the skater Jane Huckle. We also have a detailed history of St Matthew’s Church and, as an added bonus, a new picture of the My Brighton & Hove team for your further entertainment!

18 August 2005
This week we go back to World War II where we find out about the recently opened up Whitehawk Primary School air-raid shelters, as well as the reality of being a Croydon Evacuee in Brighton. We also have some very interesting wartime memories from Win Haymon, including the memory of her brother being called up, her mother’s warning about falling in love with a soldier, and the celebrations of VE day.

9th August 2005
This week, Derek Hobbs-Ainley remembers killing a cockerel for a wartime Xmas dinner. Peter Groves records the rise and fall of one of the town’s biggest manufacturers. We celebrate sport in Brighton with Trevor Chepstow’s profiles of a cheerleader and an ice hockey player. Plus we’ve been sent a school photo from 1949 and an aerial view of a Bevendean housing estate. Finally, can you help us return a beautiful mysterious woman to the bosom of her family?

28th July 2005
This week we have a grisly tale of a murder in Kemp Street along with a history of Orange Row and one of its famous inhabitants, the pugilist Tom Sayers. We also show a long lost fish and chip shop in St George’s Terrace.

19th July 2005
This week we have a collection of interesting images to browse through. For those who are feeling energetic take a visit to Withdean Stadium Gallery. However if you prefer to go back in to the past take a look at the Kemptown Railway Station Gallery. Finally for those who are into fishing we have an old photo of William Pentecost’s fishing boat.

12th July 2005
This week we have a gallery of candid images from the Brighton Festival. We also take a look at the history of Lynchet Close and the future of St Peter’s Church. Finally, we follow the fortunes of the impresario Tom Arnold.

2nd July 2005
This week we have taken the opportunity to reorganise our Second World War collection. There’s a plethora of stories, diary extracts, photographs and researched information to be found by going to our new World War II index page. Find out how you can help us expand this collection by going to our special People’s War ‘wanted’ page.

27th June 2005
This week we have a glimpse at the recent new developments of Brighton Station. We also have a bit of action from Lewes FC followed by a lot of adventure from the large Tony Simmonds WW2 collection.

11th June 2005
This week we welcome another new local editor, this time for the Whitehawk area. We also present a magnificent gallery of family portraits of the Boucher family. Finally, and continuing our WW2 memories theme, we have accounts of growing up during wartime and of evacuees in the Elm Grove area.

4th June 2005
A trip down memory lane is the theme for this week with some fond memories of Moulsecoomb, some not-so-fond memories of a bomb blast in Hove during the Second World War, and some charming photographs from two Portslade junior schools (Benfield and St Peter’s) in the 1950s.
And there is also news of a new book called ‘Alt-History’ just published by QueenSpark Publications as a result of a Brighton-wide competition looking for ‘alternative’ histories of our town.

28th May 2005
This week we focus on the North Laine area. Firstly we have an introduction from our new North Laine editor Peter Crowhurst. We also take a look at Robert Street and North Road and see some of the changes that have occurred in recent years. Moving further back in time we have some more World War II memories, take a look at these diaries from 1940 and 1941. Finally we hear about the Prisoners of War who lived in Dyke Road during the war.

20th May 2005
This week we welcome a new editor for the Preston area, whilst Brian has been out and about in Preston Park and in amongst the Rose Garden. We have added a new movie feature so sit back and enjoy a pictorial history of the University of Brighton. Also, a gentle reminder that we are still looking for any WW2 stories that you, or someone you know may have. Finally, we just had to share this delightful comment that we received the other day:

“This is just about the very best website and service you can get. The other day I e-mailed from Australia that I had found out my great great grandfather had been killed in a carriage accident at the foot of St. James’s Street in 1859. Within two short days the staff running this site had located the incident in the local newspaper and sent the information back to me. Is there anything I can do for you in return?”
(Stephen J. Craig-Smith, 18-05-2005)

13th May 2005
Six wonderful vignettes of some truly ‘Colourful Characters’ – try Coopers for Haircuts, compete in the International Open Stone Skiming competition, join the eccentric cyclists, have the Tarot read for you by Naomi Foyle, meet Tin Tin of Queensbury Mews, or listen to the voice of the speaking clock.
We also have some happy memories of the late ‘Sergeant Stone’ – Brighton’s Mr Punch. Some childhood memories of how the Second World War was spent in both Ovingdean and central Brighton. And, for something completely different, we have a teacher’s aid in the form of a school project based around the three piers.

7th May 2005
This week we have a collection of interesting WWII memories; firstly a memory of HMS Vernon (R) ; then a disconcerting childhood wartime experience on Brighton beach, followed by a pleasant encounter in Ovingdean Village with a prisoner of war. We also welcome Jacqueline Pollard and her knowledge of the Preston area.

30th April 2005
We are proud to be working with the BBC on their ‘People’s War’ project where they (and we) will be gathering stories from the Second World War. We have lots of information on how you can help us help them so please see if you can add your own story!

We are also helping to celebrate the 30th birthday of the oldest lesbian and gay organisation in the city. And finally we have some fond childhood memories of Bennett Road.

21st April 2005
We are proud to be working with the BBC on their ‘People’s War’ project where they (and we) will be gathering stories from the Second World War. We have lots of information on how you can help us help them. Please do!
We also have a report of the recent French Film week and also how the Duke of York’s cinema contributed to that and more. There’s a write up and some photos of the Prince Regent swimming pool and a report of a shark attack in 1785. Finally, we’ve updated our ‘Did you knows?’ on our home page and added a page of quotes about Brighton for your delectation.

15th April 2005
This week we have another mystery Brighton photo – take a look do you recognise this place? We also have some history about the St. John Ambulance(SJA) division in Brighton. Do you have any interesting pictures or artefacts related to the SJA in Brighton? If you do, and would be happy for them to be used in the SJA 90th Anniversary exhibition later this year, email David Shelton. Finally, try out the new search facility on the Notes and Queries page, its amazing what you can find.

8th April 2005
This week we welcome another new editor, this time for the Central Hove area. We also continue the meticulously researched Royal Navy in Brighton series with four more pages on the HMS Vernon (R). Finally, we have some fascinating memories from Ovingdean’s oldest resident.

31st March 2005
Some old watercolours found in a junk shop showing the Royal York Hotel and Regent Court, Regent Hill. A class photograph from Elm Grove Junior School circa 1949, some early 1960s ticket stubs and bills from the SS Brighton and a photo of a couple of pages of Pikes Street Directory 1918 – can anyone give us some more information or background about this directory? And last, but by no means least, a marvellous account of an interview with Daisy Noakes who was ‘in service’ at Ovingdean Hall in the 1920s.

24th March 2005
This week have a look at what it was like to be a child at Richmond Street Infant School in 1938, discover some interesting facts about the history of Ovingdean Village then stop of at the bakery at 78, St James Street, followed by a visit to one of Brighton’s natural treasures, Hollingbury hillfort. We also welcome our new Central Brighton Editor, Liam Mandville.

18th March 2005
This week we have a history of Ovingdean Village Hall and we see how Usher helped celebrate Brighton and Hove becoming a city. We also have a very detailed account of the Royal Navy’s wartime in Brighton and Hove along with specific information on HMS Lizard. Our Join In page has been updated too – take a look at the new design and maybe take up one of the opportunities on offer.

11th March 2005
What was it like to have Max Miller walk through your kitchen while you were in the bath? And how about strolling along the front with him talking about cricket? These are just some of the wonderful, personal, anecdotes that you’ll find at the new Max Miller Memories link. We also have a lovely set of photos of the Palace Pier in the early 1970s when the entrance fee was 6d and the fashions were decidedly dodgy!

3rd March 2005
This week we have a great collection of fishing boat images as well as some interesting images of Brighton and Hove taken from a personal ancestral collection. We also have a very entertaining memory of life ‘On the Buses’ at Brighton. Finally we finish with a glimpse of what it was like to live in the Brighton Slums.

24th February 2005
Memories, memories, memories…
This week we have some more WWII memories along with some fond recollections of life on Sussex Terrace during and after the War. However, the Humpty Dumpty restaurant is remembered slightly less affectionately! We also have a comprehensive history of the Goldstone ground and finally a period photo of Blackman Street which needs dating.
17th February 2005
A couple of great photos of the Palace Pier (as it was then) and the West Pier (still intact) from the early 1970s; some notes on the landlord of the Lord Nelson Pub at 5 Russell Street early last century; the origins of Preston Park together with a lovely picture of it in 1905; and memories of an open air Shakespearian theatre group performing at the Royal Spa in Queen’s Park in the 1990s – these great contributions all make up this week’s update.

12th February 2005
This week take a look at the The Black Lion Pub and North Rd in the village of Preston. We also have some more memories of WW2 with a picture of the lads in 1944 from Manor Farm Football Club. Finally we have another lovely image of Dyke Rd Park.

3rd February 2005
This week, a World War II evacuation from Brighton with a swift return. Then, a class from the past at St Luke’s School, followed by memories of a very lucrative Saturday job. Finally, we have some Grand entertainment for you with some fish and chips at Bardsleys to follow.

27th January 2005
This week, four mystery photos of old Brighton for you to identify. Plus, snapshots of strange gatherings in Brighton pubs. A new calendar feature for the site – add your own events! Finally, many thanks to Arthur Loosley for his memories of 1950s theatrical legends and Brighton’s boats.
20th January 2005
This week the old Kemptown Odeon Cinema is the setting for a very moving World War II memory. We also have an interesting review of a book covering the Roundhill area. Finally we have our 5th Brighton Boozers Gallery.

13th January 2005
Hear your echo as you walk down Tongdean Lane, or maybe have a run in the car at The Old Steine. The tram is always an option, if you can find Tivoli Street tram shelter set in the wall. On the other hand maybe prefer more of a buzz, which you can get on the electric buses.

7th January 2005
Happy New Year to all our visitors.
We start this year by going back to 1967 with a visit to St Christopher’s School which is then followed by a coach trip to Steine Street. After that we have our fourth (yes fourth!) Brighton Boozersgallery. Finally, board the SS Brighton to find out all about “Sabu” the Indian film star.

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