Aerial view tour

Have you ever felt lost when travelling the labyrinth of streets and alleyways that form Brighton and Hove? Have you ever wondered how the birds view our city? Hermann Kern suggests in Through the Labyrinth, that when you are in the labyrinth of the city, you are effectively possessed by the city because a labyrinth only '...makes sense when viewed from above'.
In Walking in the City, Michel De Certeau conceives of someone being able to see the whole of New York from the top of the World Trade Centre [as was] 'His elevation transfigures him into a voyeur. It puts him at a distance. It transforms the bewitching world by which one was "possessed" into a text that lies before one's eyes.'
The Aerial View Tour puts you in a unique position to address these issues by connecting together all of the previously published aerial views on My Brighton & Hove. You will be able to see how the streets relate to each other and experience what it's like to fly right over the heart of our city and beyond. Follow the Aerial View Tour and see Brighton and Hove as you've never seen it before!
Roland Matthews, My Brighton and Hove volunteer
6 September, 2004