10th Anniversary Tours

The original concept
The My Brighton and Hove that we all know and love came about because of a project started in 1995. The concept was to create a history of Brighton based on 'personal tours' created by local people. Hence the name of the project - My Brighton. Individuals, ranging from a schoolchild to a taxi driver, were given cameras and asked to create their own tours of Brighton. The resulting material was used to create an interactive CD.
Website launched in 2000
The tours revealed both the serious and the amusing sides of Brighton, and provided jumping off points to historical material such as related stories and galleries of images. In order to make the material accessible to all, 60 volunteers started work in 2000 on converting 'My Brighton' CD onto the Internet. My Brighton and Hove was born and the rest is history.
We hope you enjoy our 2010 tours of Brighton and Hove chosen by a cross section of local people.