Blind person's tour

"Hello. I'm Wendy Cooper. I was born in Brighton quite a few years ago now. I went to school locally and worked always in Brighton and Hove. The only time I moved out of Brighton was when I got married and went to live in Hove for four years but I was still working in Brighton- so Brighton and Hove is really my home town and where I grew up.

I had great difficulty in choosing just eight places for my tour because so much of Brighton means a lot to me and I have memories of various areas during different periods of my life. But I avoided the Royal Pavilion and the Palace Pier and the centre of town and went back to my childhood and the area where I grew up...and it has also meant a lot to me later on in life."

The Blind Person's Tour was created for the 'My Brighton' museum exhibit, launched in 1995.