Lucy and Dave's Tour of Brighton and Hove

The 2010 Anniversary Tour of Brighton and Hove is presented each week, for ten weeks. This week’s tour is by Lucy, who is a MyBH volunteer, and her partner Dave. They have chosen their 10 favourite locations in the city. To introduce the tour Dave writes:

Brighton is the place I was born and the place I have lived all of my life. I met Lucy in 2006 at the now demolished American Express social club on John Street. She had moved here in 1995 to attend Sussex University and had liked it so much she stayed. Our daughter, Marla, was, like me, born in the Royal Sussex County Hospital: the sign of a true Brightonian.

You can read all ten pages in Lucy and Dave’s tour here

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  • I always thought the sign of a true Brightonian was to have been born in the General Hospital, former workhouse, at the top of Elm Grove.

    By Duffy Watkins (16/04/2011)
  • Having just read the comments of a true Brightonian, my own opinion is that a Brightionian is someone that is born in Brighton. I was born at home in Grenville Place and although I live in the Midlands these days I still consider myself a Brightonian.

    By John Wignall (16/04/2011)
  • Hi Duffy, it depends on your age/year born. I was born in Brighton 1954, the main maternity hospital then was up behind Brighton Station in Buckingham Road, I and many other Brightonions of my age were born there. When the Sussex County tower block opened c. 1969, Brightonions were born there, as they still are. Probably the General was used prior to the Buckingham Road maternity hospital. Anyone born anywhere in Brighton starts life as a Brightonian, however I think they then have to “stay in Brighton and love Brighton” to become a true Brightonion.

    By Peter Groves (16/04/2011)
  • Having read the comments on true Brightonians and having made one of my own I would like to add a rider, no doubt this may ruffle a few feathers. But once a Brightonian always a Brightonian. Even if, like me, you have not lived there for fifty years.

    By John Wignall (17/04/2011)
  • Sorry to say I was not born in Brighton but came to the town when I was two and a half, this was in 1937 but I lived in Brighton until 1964. During those years I went to school, worked at one company then the Southdown Bus Company and also spent over two and a half years associated with the Royal Sussex County and worked at the Brighton General from 1952-1956 then Bevendean TB Hosipital and the Sussex Eye Hospital. During those years I lived in Atlingworth Street, High Street and The Little Globe Edward Street at the same time, then Woodingdean. Whilst living in High Street I was machine gunned walking along St James St by German aircraft, and was in the Little Globe the evening the parachute mine just missed the pub and destroyed six houses in White Street. So despite not being born in Brighton whenever anyone asked me about my home town I always say, in capital letters, BRIGHTON, the greatest place in the UK. I now live over 70 miles away near a field that is the furthest in England from costal waters and do I miss the sea even after all these years. It is such a joy when we can get back to Brighton.

    By Ken Ross (18/04/2011)
  • Message for Peter Groves: I remember your family so I’m sure that our paths must have crossed sometime or other. Did you go to Park Street School? And go to the Regent? Bet you did!

    By Duffy Watkins (02/06/2011)
  • No, Duffy, its not me you remember, I grew up the other side of town, in Hangleton, I went to Cottesmore St Mary’s, and much too young for The Regent, well just!

    By Peter Groves (04/06/2011)
  • I’m a very proud Brightonion who was born at Buckingham Road maternity hospital in 1969. I now live in Brixham in Devon; I really miss my home town and I wish I was living back there.

    By Scott Taylor (01/05/2013)
  • I qualify as a true Brightonian being born in the Municiple Hospital (later to be called The General) in 1945. My daughter was born in the same hospital/ward in 1969 and my son at RSCH in 1973. I have always lived and worked in the town (sorry, City!) I just love reading all the memories of days gone by and have come across many name from my school days. Fascinating.

    By Elaine (01/05/2013)
  • I was born in Brighton, at home in Coldean. It’s funny how some qualify as ‘local’. My son was born & bred in Brighton but, for affordability spent a year or so living in Lancing. When his relationship broke up, he moved back to the family home but the B&H council no longer consider him as having a local connection!

    By Ken Valder (04/05/2013)

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