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The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Pete West, a keen cyclist himself, attended a cycling course run by Brighton and Hove Council. These courses are free thanks to external funding, and offer help for both basic and intermediate skills.

Basic cycle maintenance (two hour course)

This course aims to increase your basic cycle maintenance skills, like doing safety checks, brake and gear adjustments, removing wheels and fixing punctures, as well as how to clean and lubricate your bike. Basic cycle maintenance courses take place in the evening during the week.

Intermediate cycle maintenance (four hour course)

This course will introduce you to advanced tools and lubricants, provide an introduction to different brake types, changing a brake cable, splitting and re-joining a chain and other advanced maintenance skills. Intermediate cycle maintenance courses take place in the morning on Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays.

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Further details on City cycling skills and training

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  • It is good to see that cycling is as popular as ever it was. Both myself and my wife are keen cyclists. We have had all sorts of cycles in our time. For the last ten years or so we have had Dutch step thru style bikes because of our age, getting on and off. The bikes are really heavy (we call them our mules) but when you get on them they are so easy to ride. I do all the servicing and maintenance on the bikes. I learned as a kid when I lived in Bennett Road in Brighton. I used to go over to Sheepcote Valley and collect bike bits and in doing so learnt how to fix bikes. Where we live on the Romney Marsh it is very flat, we have it real easy here. The sea is about four miles from our bungalow and in the summer we go riding early in the morning just meandering to the sea for a dip and then back again for breakfast. It gets a bit on the windy side here sometimes which is hard work and not much fun so we give it a miss on those days. I used to have a cycle seat on the back of my bike for our youngest granddaughter – most of the time she had nodded off by the time we had gone a mile or so.

    By Mick Peirson (02/02/2017)

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