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Mud bomb fights and Maggie May

Hangleton Way: following the erection of many houses in the valley west and north of Hangleton Church shops were built here later in 1969. Old inhabitants will recall that until 1939 the line of the Dyke Railway ran across here on the site of the track seen in this photograph between the lamp post and the Downsman Inn.
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Before the flyover

My family and I lived at 65 Harmsworth Crescent but we moved to Poynings Drive in about 1967 and stayed till 1974. We went to Bullens shop and Carders where I used to work after school. Penny for a guy was always at the alley leading between Burwash Road and Harmsworth Crescent. I remember walks to the dew ponds on Devil’s Dyke via the chalk pits or over the top way, past Brighton and Hove golf course before the flyover was built.

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Youth club on Tuesdays

We had mud bomb fights and amused ourselves by dropping cap gun things from the towers in Harmsworth Crescent; what a terrible racket they made. I think it was Tuesdays we went to Hangleton Youth club,  but I remember being too young to go in whilst listening outside to Maggie May. I used to enjoy the bow and arrow fights between the blocks from Harmsworth Crescent.

Great neighbours

Playing football on the park till dark, before the toilet building was built. The new shops had not been built near the Downsman Pub and I used to walk up past there on the way home from the 17th Hove Cubs at St Helens Church. Later I remember going to 176 Squadron Air Cadets in Holmes Avenue. I remember that I heard about the mysterious tunnel at the Hangleton Manor, but we never found it.  Neighbours I remember are the Claytons/Foxes/Stanmers/Elliotts/Thicks – all great people

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  • My mum worked in Mr Bullen’s shop. Mrs Kerr (Amelia) a little Italian lady. I’m Ian her youngest son. We lived at 35 Bramber Avenue, Mr Silk bought the shop and in 1979, after my dad died we moved in to the flat above the shop, 11A Burwash Road.

    By Ian Kerr (11/02/2020)

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