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Wonderful childhood memories

Hangleton in 1958
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Remember the chip shop van?

I have wonderful memories of living in Hangleton. I remember the green chip shop van that came round once a week; the long hot summer of 1976; the green playing fields of West Blatchington Infants and Junior Schools and being chased off by Mr Pooke on his moped. What about the lovely path up to The Downs before the bypass cut through it? I recall the old air raid siren tucked away just off Harmsworth Crescent; Bingo Thursday evenings at St Helen’s Hall, after watching Top of the Pops on the TV. I remember the burning of the fields in summer evenings; the combine harvesters, the old tree outside St Helen’s Church, Parky, the old barn fire.

Very special place in my heart

There was the greengrocer van but I cannot remember the man’s name; and of course, the rag and bone man. I have memories of riding on a book on a skate, down the hill from the end of Chichester Close down to the Downsman Pub car park. Do you remember the new number 8 green bus, Mr Kilner the “no such fare” number 5 bus conductor who lived up my road Chichester Close. One of my favorite memories is of the fantastic views of The Downs looking north, and the sea looking south from my back garden. Hangleton has a very special place in my heart.

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  • It was probably soon after this photo was taken (1958) that the construction of Chichester and Buckley Close started, I guess about 1962.

    By Peter Groves (27/03/2016)
  • The photo of the Downsman, so many memories. We used to go to the offy after golf ball hunting at the course at the end of the path you describe. We lived in Stonecroft Close until 1968. I went to West Blatch and then the Knoll. Mr Pooke chasing us off the field. The winter of 1963 when our igloo lasted until March. I am so pleased to have stumbled accross your story. Thanks.


    By andrew greenfield (30/03/2016)
  • I remember all the above – it brought tears to my eyes.

    By Sue Cronin nee Spary (24/08/2018)
  • Hi Andrew Greenfield, did your dad once drive his car into a rather large hole in the road? Think I used to visit your house. Lived in Henfield Way. Great times, Foxes Wood, Dyke, West Hove Golf Course, Hangleton School, Hangleton Band, Hove County Grammar., Knowles Bakers Van, Neilson Lyonsmaid ice cream van, Boys brigade….etc. Regards to all. Paul Weston

    By Paul Weston (29/04/2019)
  • The green grocers van surname was Stan Blaber,
    I believe he was a cousin of my dad Ray Blaber.

    By Joanne Hill (22/03/2020)
  • I used to live on the corner of Barnet Way, would look out of my bedroom straight across onto the downs, my mum and dad used to help run the Bingo when it first started, I can remember the Downsman being built and all us kids building the bonfire every year on the empty ground next to it, ah those were the days!

    By Paul Baker (16/10/2020)

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