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Outdoors kids

Building of the St Helen's Estate c1952, from Spencer Avenue looking across to the centuries old Hangleton Church
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Skipping Sunday School

We moved from Morden, in Surrey, about June 1955. My family lived at 67 Clarke Ave opposite Bramber Avenue where the big ‘green’ was, and all the kids would have a massive football game every Sunday morning. Billy Lane the Albion manager lived around the corner in Amberly Drive, he was a great guy. My sister June and I used to skip Sunday School to slide on the dew pond until our big sister Hazel dobbed us in, when all the Sunday school classes were joined together; we got a good belting off the old man.

Emigrated to Australia

I joined the Royal Marines in May of 1961, and lost touch with all my mates, then my parents moved to Southend so I never went back. I married and came to Australia in 1970, but managed to return in 1985 when my Mother passed away. As the family were living at Lancing, I popped back to Clarke Avenue but unfortunately all the people I knew had moved away.

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Those were the days

I always think back to those great years of my life as we had to make our own entertainment and we were ‘out doors kids’. I was in the 5th Hove Scouts for a while then joined the 29th Boys Brigade next to the church in Holmes Avenue, just off the Hangleton Road. I think it was a Congregational church. Mum used to take me with her whenever she went to the shops by the Grenadier pub, and she would talk to just about everyone. Dad would moan about how long he would have to wait for his dinner, because it had taken her such a long time just to ‘pop down the shops’. Those were the days.

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  • I was in the Boys Brigade 29th. I do not remember Billy Lane being a local resident, but I do remember Dave Sexton living up Amberly Drive.

    By Peter C Wilson (27/02/2018)

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