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Spencer Avenue in 1960s/70s

West Way shops viewed from Hangleton Road. Click for large image
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

Remember the chalk pit?

I grew up in Spencer Avenue and lived there between 1966/67 and the end of 1973. I was at Hangleton Infants from Sept 1967, and then went onto the Junior School. The teachers were Mrs. Munn at the Infants, and Miss Duke, Mr. Osgood, Miss Lucraft and Mrs. Potter at Juniors. Does anyone remember a place known as the chalk pit off Hangleton Way, past the row of shops, I think? A couple of years ago I went back to where I thought it was and the area had been converted into a walk.

Other folks’ memories

Also does anyone remember an area behind/parallel with Spencer Avenue known as the dump? I used to play on Sherbourne Green quite a bit too. I remember the pig farm but could not recall exactly where it was located, so it is interesting to read other folks’ memories here. I’m always looking for photos of the area from the late 1960s and early 1970s; I have not found very many, sadly.

Do you have any Hangleton memories to share? Please post a comment below

Brooke Bond tea cards

I have quite vivid memories of the West Way library and of Queen’s Parade and the West Way shops. I remember the Co-op in West Way too, and buying my albums for Brooke Bond tea cards there each year. I was amazed to discover that Bon Bon was still going a couple of years ago, though not with the same proprietor. I remember buying a Pez dispenser from there once, and there being a chocolate machine outside; I also used to get my comics there. If I remember rightly Queen’s Parade had a bakery (Acres, maybe?) and a Home and Colonial.

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