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Growing up in 1950s Hollingbury - Part I

Carden School
©Tony Mould

I moved to Hollingbury in 1956 at the age of nine. We moved into a block of flats in Birch Grove Crescent, number 88. The flats were just being built, we were in the second block, the rest were in the throes of having their foundations being laid.
I started school at Carden juniors and the first teacher I met was called Mr Cheeseman and the other names I remember was Mr Emmans, Mr Ede, and Mr Monger who nobody liked. In the summer, the classes got so hot that the teachers opened the large French doors and we took our desks and chairs outside and did our lesson out on the patio. The only drawback was that that the ants appeared out from the holes in the patio.

Artistic success

I remember entering a painting competition organised by the milk marketing board which every school participated in, I painted a muscle bound man lifting heavy weights with a glass of milk on a round table with the caption reading  MILK IS GOOD FOR YOU my entry came second in the school and I remember that it was put in a brown frame and it was hung in the main corridor for the rest of term.
I failed my 11 plus and was sent to Patcham Seniors, one teacher stuck in my mind was Mr Packham he taught history, and that was my favourite lesson. I learnt a lot from him, and I have got to thank him because it put me in good stead for quizzing. Thanks Sir.


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  • I used to live in 83 Birchgrove Crescent and knew a David Breeds who I think had an older brother called Ben .I remember the winter of 63 and the drifts at the side of the flats.

    By Gloria Elden (22/01/2021)

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