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Living in Birch Grove Crescent

Birch Grove Crescent, Hollingbury

In our block of flats there was a miserable man who was always moaning about everything that I did. He lived on the ground floor, and moaned about everyone else in the flats, not just me. My dad bought me a Spanish guitar and when he moaned about that, I blew. We had a big row, and when the neighbours heard us, they came down, but they started on at the man instead of me.

The Soap Box Cart adventure

The trouble with youngsters growing up now a days is that they never get the chance to build a soap box cart, all you needed was a piece of scaffold board/ 4 pram wheels with axles/ 2 pieces of wood to screw the axles to/ and a box with a side cut out to sit in /and a strong piece of rope which you tied to the front axle and you steered it with your feet. Most kids had a box cart. You started at the top of a hill, and if you were clever enough to have made a brake, then you let it off. Then you go as fast as you can downhill. When I was in Hollingbury we all met at the top of Birch Grove Crescent and went downhill together. Down the crescent and left at the bottom by the red phone box and down Denton Drive. There was a main road at the bottom and only the brave would try and go further.

Carden School Youth Club

Living in Birch Grove Crescent it was only a short walk to the Carden school youth club where I met my friends Denis Constable, Andy Williams, and Michael Constable. We went inside and had a soft drink and chatted with the girls’ then I spoke to Mr and Mrs Harbour who ran the club. I always asked her if there was anything that she needed doing as I always had time for the Harbours, whenever I had any worries or needed reassuring about something they were always there with the answers, and she was there when I had just turned seventeen to comfort me when I lost my mum to breast cancer. Then the four of us all underage, but big for our ages walked down to the Snipe the local pub for a well-deserved drink and a game of darts.

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  • Hi Ben, I lived in the next block in 60s ,I remember you an your brother David.

    By Gloria (29/06/2022)

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