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Meadowview (New) Jewish Cemetery

Medowview Jewish Cemetery Chapel
Peter Groves

Two Jewish Cemeteries

Having lived in Brighton and Hove for nearer to 70 years than 60, I was not aware that there were two Jewish cemeteries in Brighton, the more famous older one being Florence Place Jewish Cemetery off Ditchling Road.

Coombe Road

Fed up with doing the same Covid 19 lockdown walk over and over, my wife and I decided to park at the bottom of Coombe Road, where I worked as a second year apprentice for Kearney & Trecker in 1971/72, opposite the old Bernard Oppenheimer Diamond Works.

Meadowview (New) Jewish Cemetery

I previously never had reason to go higher up Coombe Road than the chip shop that was just up the road from the K&T building.  We walked to the top of Coombe Road where we came across a lovely old flint wall, so we turned left and followed the wall, which eventually lead to the Jewish Cemetery.  I suspect that like me, there are others who are unaware of this “hidden” bit of Brighton.

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  • There is also, I believe, a separate Jewish section of the cemetery along the Old Shoreham Road in Hove.

    By Alan Phillips (13/02/2021)

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